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WADALA-MUMBAI, DECEMBER 24, 2012 :  It is said, Christmas time is the best time of the year.  Indeed it is.  Decorations, parties, carols, programs, cribs… they all add to the festive and joyous spirit of the Christmas season.  At St. Joseph’s Wadala, things were no different. 


The entire week leading to the Christmas symposium was lit up with festivities and preparations:  inter-class star making competition, adorning of the class crib with decorations and statues, Christmas card making contest, singing of Christmas carols and planning a Christmas program that would include reaching out to the less fortunate.


Come the Christmas symposium and party day in school, and the festivities reached a crescendo. Brightly dressed, no school uniform! students trooped to their classrooms for the morning  prayer and assembly at the start of the day, and blessed God for the year gone by.


The programs for the Secondary and Primary section followed in succession in the school hall. The Kg. students had a taste of the Christmas jolly spirit at the specially arranged parties in their classrooms, with special gifts and sweets from Santa Claus.


The Christmas program had a touch of tradition, creativity, inspiration and melody. The small skit by the secondary section giving us the true meaning of Christmas was heartening.  The primary section regaled us with Christmas carols that narrated the Christmas story.  Truly, the stage was a picture of the Christmas scene twenty centuries ago.


After the program, it was time for some merriment. The students together with their class teachers and other staff members,  gathered  in their respective classrooms for a Christmas party comprising games, sing-song and snacks.


Thereafter, the school staff had their share of Christmas fun and camaraderie at a special gathering in the school hall.  Singing of carols, Christmas messages, a delicious meal and mouth watering desserts featured in this homely celebration.


As always, a bright spark of the Christmas festivity,  is the spirit of giving. That's what Christmas really is, the love of Jesus that fills us with Hope, Joy, Peace and Love, prompts us to share our sentiments with others, especially the less fortunate.


This year the classes grouped together to add to the joy of disadvantaged children in our city in a spirit of sharing.  The students  of Std. I and II have decided to reach out to Asha Daan in Byculla; Std. III and IV will be helping St. Catherine of Siena Orphanage, Bandra; Std. V and VI are contributing to a Balwadi in the vicinity which is run by a retired teacher of our school, Mrs. Aranha; Std. VII and VIII will be contributing to Municipal Schools in Ghatkopar/Chembur, and Std. IX and X have taken up Shelter - Don Bosco.


We truly feel blessed at Christmas , because we are loved, and love in return, unconditionally!



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Matunga, Mumbai - 400 019. INDIA


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