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by Bento D'Souza

PUNE-MAHARASHTRA, DECEMBER 30, 2013: On 27th December 2013, a seminar on 'avatar and incarnation' was held at Snehasadan, Pune, hosted by Fr. Chakranarayan, the Director of Snehasadan. Fifty plus people, academics, scholars and invited guests attended it through the day. Among those in the audience were the Jesuit Provincial, Fr. Bhausaheb Sansare, and the Rector of JDV, Ramwadi, Pune among others.
Deha Dharan, Tanu Dharan (Incarnation) and avatara (manifestation of the Lord) was the main theme and topic of the deliberations of the august seminar. Professor Abhay Tilak, a relative of Vaman Tilak spoke on Avatar in Hinduism, and Professor Nelson Falcao, Ph.D. spoke on Incarnation in Christianity. 


by BIS correspondent

NERUL-MUMBAI, DECEMBER 30, 2013: Value Education Program on "Duty To Protect Wildlife" was conducted by class I B students on 19th December, 2013 at Don Bosco Senior Secondary School, Nerul. The students were trained by their class teacher Mrs. Mariamma Alex (Shiny) under the guidance of the Supervisor Mrs Adarsh Gupta.
Out of 33 students, 30 of them participated in the program. The Value Education Program began with a school prayer followed by the School Anthem. The program included a powerpoint presentation, a dance on animals, a skit and then a video.
The aim in presenting this program was to enable the children learn to respect all forms of life. As we all know one of the most pressing problem of our times is environmental degradation. The rapid deforestation has resulted in the loss of thousands of species and the extinction of quite a few others.
The class was able to put up a good show because of their hard work and persistence. The Principal commented on the class performance and appreciated the anchors. Rev.Fr. Bonnie spoke about how to care for pets as well as wild animals.
The programme concluded with valuable instructions from the Principal Father Anthony followed by the National Anthem. 

BIS # 3836 NCO 2013

by BIS correspondent

NERUL-MUMBAI, DECEMBER 30, 2013: The 13th National Cyber Olympiad (NCO) of the Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) was conducted at Don Bosco Senior Secondary School, Nerul on 4th October, 2013. A total of 17 students participated from classes II to X. Mr. Brijlal Prajapati invigilated the examination.
The objective of this Olympiad is to find out where the school stands at the national level.
Students performed well. The results are as follows:
Rajkumar Kishore Tripat from class V C won a gold medal at the school level.
B. Saravanan from class IV B and Naresh Balamurugan From class VIII A have qualified for the 2nd level exam which will be held on 1st February 2014.


by BIS correspondent

NERUL-MUMBAI, DECEMBER 30, 2013: Don Bosco Senior Secondary School, Nerul had a wonderful celebration of Christmas on 21st December, 2013 in their school premises. A programme was presented by the students of the primary and secondary section in the assembly hall. The teacher's in-charge were Tr.Muriel, Tr Heena, Tr Shiny and Tr Reena.
The programme began at 8: 30 am in the assembly hall. The students of the secondary section were the audience for the program. The program began with a prayer followed by the skit –'Best Friends', symbols of Christmas, c
arol singing and two dances (fusion and Indian). The skit presented added the value of friendship and love. The symbols of Christmas were presented and explained with reasoning. The carols and dances added a festive mood to the celebration.. The primary students joined the celebration after the program.
The most awaited and fun-filled part of the celebration was the arrival of Santa Claus on the school ground. The students assembled class wise along with their teacher on the ground. They danced to the peppy music and received their Christmas gifts from Santa Claus. It's been a tradition at Don Bosco, Nerul of Santa coming in a jeep along with bags full of gifts for the students and adding life to our celebration.
The students enjoyed the Christmas party and returned home with a feeling of happiness, excitement.


by BIS correspondent

SANPADA-MUMBAI, DECEMBER 30, 2013: A workshop for science and social studies was held at Yogi Executive, Sanpada on 30th Nov 2013 from 8.30am to 3.30pm. The workshop was conducted and organized by the members of Ratna Sagar Publishers. The immense personality as a speaker to this workshop was Mr.Gagan Gupta from NCERT.
The objective of the seminar was to provide information regarding teaching methods of science. For this Mr.Gagan Gupta gave various examples from his experiences regarding the common difficulty and queries a child faces in science. The teachers in the workshop were also provided with the glance of new books which Ratna Sagar has introduced for science and social studies. These books are made more interactive through the E-live CD in it.
It was attended by Tr. Sylvia from the secondary section and Tr. Gangotri and Tr. Kavita from the primary section of Don Bosco, Nerul. Mr. Gagan Gupta also shared various methods which a teacher could use in a class to make the learning of science more effective and live. He also showed few activities and experiments which could be conducted in the class for better understanding of scientific concepts.


by BIS correspondent

BORIVALI-MUMBAI, DECEMBER 30, 2013: The enthusiastically awaited Sports Day was enjoyed thoroughly by the athletes of Don Bosco High School, Borivali on the 19th of December, 2013. This year the event had a perfect blend of Christmas themes and sports. The parade had a merry charisma to it, the baton was replaced by colourful Christmas candles and the staff donned Santa Caps.
The day dawned and it was a wonderful December morning. The gentle breeze blew, and the athletes waited with bated breath for the events to commence. The meet began with a Christmas themed parade: the Middle School depicted the various scenes of Christmas, while the High School spread the joy of the season through the parade. This was followed by a stunning lezim routine and a Mass Drill by the students of the Primary Section that showcased excellent discipline. The Malkhamb Performance by the students of the Primary Section was a fascinating display of co-ordination.
The Chief Guest, Rev. Fr. William Falcao then declared the event open. The audience enjoyed the exciting races that followed. The spectators thundered with applause and cheering as the runners of the relay raced around the tracks.
The winners of all the events were awarded certificates and trophies. A surprise event for parents and the Staff was organised. It was the Christmas variant of 'bombing the city'. The last event was one of the most anticipated- it was the mile race. This event proved, like always, to be the highlight.


by BIS correspondent

WADALA-MUMBAI, DECEMBER 30, 2013:  The parish of Our Lady of Dolours, Wadala (W) witnessed two occasions, wherein the parishioners reached out to the neighbourhood, in the Christmas spirit of giving and sharing. The Society of St. Vincent de Paul, which consists of members of the parishes of Our Lady of Dolours and St. Dominic Savio, Wadala (E) organised a Christmas Hamper distribution program for about 250 needy families of both the parishes.
The hamper was prepared by the members with a lot of love and was the result of generous contributions of parishioners from both parishes. The Recipients were seated in the parish hall where Fr. Allwyn Misquitta spoke to them about the spirit of Christmas and prayed with them for their families, the SVP members and for the generous benefactors who made this program possible. They then received their hampers of household items and sweets.
That same evening, the Youth along with Fr. Allwyn Misquitta organised a Christmas Tree celebration for the marginalized youngsters of the neighbourhood. They had a host of games and other activities, visit of Santa, distribution of gifts and a meal prepared by a group of volunteer parishioners.
All in all the program created a lot of joy and good will in the neighbouhood. The youth were involved in purchasing and packing the gifts and conducting enjoyable games and activities. They surely put their best foot forward.


by BIS correspondent

NERUL-MUMBAI, DECEMBER 30, 2013: The Value Education Program at Don Bosco Senior Secondary school is presented through a stage program, where children present a value through a skit and choral recitation .The topic of this value education program was 'duty to care for   flora &   fauna' reflecting  the value  of  'how to take care  flora & fauna'.
The program was organized by class "V B" with their class teacher Archana Gotad, on Thursday, 17th December,2013 in the assembly hall of the school.
The objective of this assembly program was to increase awareness and knowledge about saving the flora and fauna surrounding us and taking care of them. Children also developed stage confidence and communication skills.
Parents as well as the staff enjoyed the program. The Marathi choral recitation was appreciated by all. It was learning experience for the children.


by BIS correspondent

NERUL-MUMBAI, DECEMBER 30, 2013: Don Bosco Senior Secondary School, Nerul, organised an Exhibition for the Primary Section on 14 th December 2013, in the school assembly hall. The exhibition was inaugurated by Rev. Fr. Bonnie Borges the Manager, accompanied by the Principal Rev.Fr. Anthony Fonseca. 
The children showcased their talents not only in Science and Mathematics but also in other subjects like Social Studies, Computer Science, Arts, and Physical Education. It even included languages like English, Hindi, Marathi and their applications in different areas related to our everyday life.
The exhibition was organized and presented by group B i.e. Classes III – IV. The numbers of exhibits in Group 'B' were 30 with 120 participants.
The objective of the event was to provide a platform to present their talents, speaking skills, gain knowledge and confidence in putting forth their thoughts and ideas to the audience. It also helped them to showcase their creativity and work as a team within their groups. The judges were impressed by the students, their creativity and the topics selected for the exhibition.
The students received a lot of guidance, encouragement and support from their parents and teachers. It was indeed a very good exposure for students to showcase their interest and talents.


by BIS correspondent

NEW DELHI, DECEMBER 30, 2013: National School Educators' Conference was organised by "The Energy and Resources Institute" based on the theme 'Innovation and leadership for education for sustainable development'.
The conference was held from 28th October to 30th October 2013 in     New Delhi. More than 300 Principals and teachers all over India attended this conference.
The objective of the program was to enhance the leadership skills of educators for a sustainable future. Various tools and techniques were discussed with the interdisciplinary approach to facilitate the teaching learning process. Pictures related to various social and environmental issues were given to teachers for group discussion which was later presented through various innovative teaching methods incorporating interdisciplinary approach.
Eminent speakers from various corporate, organisations and educational Institutions showcased successful "Change for Sustainable Future" (CSR) initiatives and programs that can be used to educate youth for sustainable development.
The conference came to an end with the message from Secretary of Human Resource development of India Mr.Rajarshi Bhattacharya reminding the teachers to be the "inspiration" of the nation. It was an informative and a learning experience and was also a platform for exchange of ideas pertaining to school curriculum and CCE.

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BIS # 3828 HAPPY - SAD

by BIS correspondent

NERUL-MUMBAI, DECEMBER 27, 2013: Dominic Savio Kindergarten organizes a value education program for the Pre-Preparatory and Preparatory classes, in which children learn different values through skits and dances based on the topics taught in class.
The program organized on Tuesday, 17th December 2013 was by the class Pre – Preparatory-E with the guidance of their class teacher, Tr. Raksha. Out of 42 students, 40 students participated in the programme.
The objective behind this assembly program was to increase awareness of happiness. Being happy is sign of a positive personality.
Teachers and students enjoyed the educative programme, the message was prompt and clear. The principal was impressed by the skit and dance and appreciated the smooth flow of events and well trained and executed program.
The class was able to put up a good show because of their hard work and persistence.


by BIS correspondent

BORIVLI-MUMBAI, DECEMBER 28, 2013: As Christmas is the season of joy, happiness, music is that it has a tradition of warmth, caring and sharing and peace; Don Bosco Junior College organized various activities for the students to celebrate the Christmas week.
Students showed their interest and talent in various activities conducted for them during this joyous week. They presented their activeness, joy and tremendous enthusiasm in carol singing, poster making, candle decoration, salad decoration and card making. They decorated their classrooms with beautiful streamers and lights radiating the warmth of the season.
They also prepared a Christmas crib which was very inspiring. 


by BIS correspondent

NERUL-MUMBAI, DECEMBER 28, 2013: Christmas is a festival of joy and giving. It celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ, the harbinger of peace and harmony in the world.
The tiny tots of Pre – Primary wing at Don Bosco Nerul celebrated Christmas with a festive spirit on 20th December, 2013 at the school premises. There was a stage program for Pre – Preparatory and Preparatory students. This program was organized by teachers Diana, Mahek and Aasma for Pre – Primary Students. Playgroup students assembled in food court for a dance session and Pre – Nursery students celebrated in their respective classrooms.
The main objective of the event was to bring the true spirit of Christmas and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. The children learnt the message of Sharing, love, joy and peace. They also developed stage confidence.

The teachers felt the program was well organized and planned. Children enjoyed the nativity of Birth of Jesus Christ. They also danced merrily on popular tunes of Christmas carols and set the pace for a joyful Christmas and were happy to receive gifts and chocolates from Santa Clause. Parents were excited to see their children performing.


by Cl. Crescens Lemos

MATUNGA- MUMBAI, DECEMBER 28, 2013: The Salesian Province of Mumbai witnessed the Priestly Ordinations of Deacons Charlin Chandran, Shekar Mariadas and Leon Cruz Ratinam by His Eminence Cardinal Oswald Gracias at the Shrine of Don Bosco's Madonna on Saturday December 21, 2013.
The Eucharist celebration began with a ceremonious procession of the deacons to-be ordained priests accompanied by their parents, His Eminence Cardinal Oswald Gracias, Salesian priests and other priests.
Around 70 priests were present for the ordination ceremony.  The Cardinal began by welcoming the congregation to this joyful moment during this season of Advent, a time when we prepare for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.
In his homily the Cardinal said, "During the Advent Season, as we wait to celebrate the feast of the Nativity – we recall that God gave us in his Son Jesus to be our Joy, Peace and Love. As priests, you have the great ministry to make Jesus available to others; which implies that you need to have him in your hearts and in your lives."
The homily was then followed by the 'Ordination Rite' wherein the candidates were examined by the Cardinal, which was then followed by the Litany of the Saints, laying of hands and anointing of the hands with Chrism. Fr. Godfrey D'Souza the newly appointed Provincial of the Salesian Province of Mumbai congratulated and welcomed the newly ordained priests. Towards the end Fr. Shekar on behalf of the newly ordained priests extended a word of gratitude to Cardinal Oswald Gracias, Fr. Godfrey D'Souza and all those instrumental in making this day a memorable day for them.
The Eucharistic celebration was very meaningful thanks to the meticulous planning of Fr. Ajoy Fernandes the Vice Provincial, Fr. Ivan Rodrigues, the brothers of D.B.Y.C., the Salesians and the Choir Members.  May God who has begun the good work in the world and especially in the persons of Frs. Charlin, Shekar and Leon, bring it to fulfilment in due time in the Don Bosco Way.


by BIS correspondent 

BORIVILI-MUMBAI, DECEMBER 28, 2013:  The student's council of the Don Bosco Borivili Junior college decided to make a Christmas crib that would be more spiritually meaningful to all.
The General opinion was not to make a routine Crib with Hi-fi decorations, but one with simple decorations and a message that would put Christ rightly back into Christmas.
Being the year of the Eucharist the students worked on the crib that would combine both Christ's coming at Christmas and Christ the Bread broken for us. 
The students jointly worked on the making of the Crib and the banner. The result was a lovely Crib with due importance given to the Eucharist.
The Management and the staff praised the efforts put in by the students.


by BIS correspondent

WADALA-MUMBAI, DECEMBER 27, 2013: The Parish Council during its Training Program at Lonavla in August, set for itself the Project to form "Self-Help Groups", in order to encourage the housewives and single women to engage in gainful employment and add to the family savings. Through a process of family visits, efforts of the Area Coordinators of the various communities in the parish, talks and discussion groups, and mass meetings, the PPC has finally been able to establish twelve working groups in the various sections of the parish. The parish is blessed to have two full time Social Workers who have been at this task for a couple of months and their efforts have borne fruit. The good part of the project is that the groups do not only consist of Christians but people of other faiths, and is limited to one member of the family. The group meets regularly, with the social workers to discuss their dreams, aspirations and sort out problems they face in their interactions. To help them come together and work with each other, not in competition but in collaboration, there are several common meetings being conducted, where they are able to come together to discuss and air their problems and difficulties.

It was a good occasion to celebrate the success of the Self Help Groups, on December 15th 2013, when over a hundred participants of the Self Help Groups came together and had a wonderful time with a hoist of games and community building activities. It was good to see the young and the old mingle together and have a good time. The morning ended with a sumptuous lunch provided by the DCE (Dolours Centre for Empowerment) of the parish. The ppc is set to launch into the next step of training the groups in soft skills and business management. To help them in this project they are fortunate to have the expertise of the Don Bosco Centre for Learning and in a special way Mr. Royal from the Institute. The Self Help Groups have brought a new vitality into the parish.


by Andrea Alleluya 

NORTH ARABIAN VICARIATE, DECEMBER 27, 2013: On Friday 13th December the parish youth group (SPY) of the St Therese Church of the North Arabian Vicariate organized a special event to felicitate the domestic workers in the parish.

The Program began with the celebration of Holy Mass by Fr. Lionel animated with the melodious choir of SPY members. Four maids served as Lectors – an opportunity they have never been given in their lives.  Throughout the mass Fr. Lionel appreciated and motivated these workers by recognizing their service and contribution to the society. He acknowledged the personal sacrifices they make to ensure that those they serve lead a comfortable life. He encouraged them through his homily to have patience for what they want in their lives especially when dreams and goals seem dismal and distant.

After mass, the SPY sang lively Christmas Carols that were enjoyed and joined in by all.

The much awaited fellowship began hosted by the versatile and engaging Lloyd D'souza. The domestic workers were excited as they played creative versions of games like four corners, ringing bells and Bingo. Spot prizes had them all mingling and scrambling around in fun.

This was followed by a lively dancing session which included a march. The St. Theresa Band then sang some Konkani songs which really got them all excited. Fr. Blany Pinto the Parish Priest then said the grace and a sumptuous lunch was served.

After a group photo, the SPY members handed out hampers to the maids as they wished them  "A Merry Christmas and a Prosperous Happy New Year ".  Veronica Aguiar, a participant was really touched by this event "I had a lovely day and felt very loved and appreciated by these youngsters".  Angelina D'souza commented "we felt special today and could forget our troubles for a little while". A special thanks goes out to Fr. Lionel for his guidance and Gaspar Baptista, the animator of the youth, for his support, as we organized this event. The organisers extended a big thankyou all the generous sponsors and benefactors for their gracious donations that have helped them touch the lives of these specially loved parishioners.


by BIS correspondent


NAVI MUMBAI, DECEMBER 27, 2013: Delhi Public School, Navi Mumbai organised an Inter School Annual English Debate Competition for the students of classes IX – XI on 6th December, 2013. The topic for the debate was, 'Reality shows are burdening the young shoulders'. 

Many schools from in and around Navi Mumbai including Don Bosco, Nerul participated in it. Urja Bhattacharjee (Speaker for the topic), Shivangi Prakash (Speaker against the topic) and R. Bharath Kumar (Interjector) of Class X participated in the debate. They were accompanied by Tr. Nibedita Parhi.

The objective of debating was to examine ideas and policies with the aim of persuading people within an organised structure. It allowed the participants to consider the world around them by thinking about different arguments engaging with opposing views and speaking strategically.

Shivangi Prakash bagged the first prize (Speaker against the topic) and Urja Bhattacharjee secured second prize (Speaker for the topic).

The event was well organised by the students and teachers of Delhi Public School, Nerul. The event was successful in attracting the finest and enthusiastic debaters. The debaters got a platform to express and highlight their views on an issue of social concern.


by Louis D'costa 

KUWAIT, DECEMBER 27, 2013: Nine new Extraordinary Ministers for Communion Distribution (EMCD) were inducted during the Holy Mass on Sunday, 8 December 2014 celebrated by Fr. Francis Kharjia and concelebrated by Franco Pereira and by Fr. Blany Pinto.


Fr. Francis Kharjia, the spiritual director of the EMCD's, had planned the formation program spanning for eight Months, for duration of an hour and a half. He was assisted by Frs. Blany Pinto, Joy Marangatikkala, Franco Pereira and Ben Barrameda. Each priest took a session or two and the sessions ranged from the teachings of the church on Eucharist, Papal encyclicals concerning the Eucharist, Eucharistic piety and instructions on the practical aspects of distributing communion.


The nine new EMCDs took the oath during the Eucharistic celebration on Sunday, 8 December and thereby committing themselves to the ministry.  They received special blessings from the priests along with the EMCD attire.


The strength of the parish is more than 15000 parishioners. There are eleven weekday masses and 16 masses of obligation on Friday, Saturday evening and on Sunday. It is virtually impossible for the priest to distribute the Holy Communion without the assistance of the EMCD. The parish already has forty three EMCD members and with the inclusion of nine more members, the overall strength of the EMCD members is fifty two.


A special thanks to Fr. Francis Kharjia who animates the EMCD members by organizing regular meetings and annual spiritual retreat.


by BIS correspondent 

WADALA-MUMBAI, DECEMBER 27, 2013: On the first Sunday of Advent a special programme was organised for couples married between 1-10 years.  The session was conducted by Fr. Cajetan D. Menezes of Snehalaya Family Service Centre. The duration of the programme was from 9.30am to 12.30 am and it was held at the St. Josephs School Hall Wadala. The day began with couples pouring in from Our Lady of Dolours Church, the host parish as well as other parishes from Dadar, Kurla and Bandra.

After a brief welcome address by the Family cell, Fr. Cajetan started the session by speaking about the Family Centre and about what this program is all about. He made all the couples feel comfortable and broke the ice by asking each couple to give a brief introduction of their spouse and the quality that they appreciated about him/her.  It was truly heart-warming as each couple introduced their spouse and all felt the love radiating from the couples fill the room.

Soon after, he depicted through a humorous caricature how the response of a man in a particular situation changes from loving to indifference.  On the basis of this a film was screened titled 'MARRIAGE ADJUSTING TO REALITY'.  This film had eight couples sharing their love story of what attracted them to each other and the obstacles faced before and after marriage and how they made sacrifices to make their marriage a success.

The lesson the couples learnt from this impactful film was that a happy marriage is the fruit of a continued effort towards acceptance, healing, sustaining and growth.  Each couple has their own way of finding what suits them best.

After viewing the film, the participants broke into groups of about four couples per group and had to carry out a group discussion based on a sheet handed to them. Their sharing made for interesting insights.  Topics like expectations before and after marriage, difficulties and challenges couples faced post marriage; factors that support and nurture a couple relationships were shared by each group.

What each couple concluded and learnt from this group discussion was that:

a)         The common thread that ran through all the couples depicted in the film was a bonding of love which was cemented by being understanding and sensitive to the others needs and having fewer expectations from their spouse.

b)         Spending more quality time, discussing issues together and forgiving each other went a long way in nurturing their relationship.

c)         Adjustments that had to be made post marriage included giving up some habits both had prior to getting married, temper control, communicating about issues rather than being silent and spending time together in prayer.

d)         Factors that made their couple relationship stronger was forgiveness, acceptance, understanding, spending time with each other sharing their experiences.

e)         To ensure one does not suffer from unfulfilled expectations in a marriage was to have realistic expectations, accept the other as they are, say I will be the first to adjust.


While women value relationships over work; men will give work priority over relationships. Men usually do not share their apprehensions and keep their problems to themselves but women are more verbose and keen to share their problems.  If men are asked about their problems they consider it as an intrusion.  For women to hear the words 'Honey I love you' or Sorry I hurt you' or 'You're looking nice today' works like magic but men feel women should know these feelings without they saying it. That's why the phrase Women are from Venus, and Men from Mars. 

The woman wants her man to be genuine, open, honest and considerate towards her and her feelings.  Men often take a lot of things for granted and think verbal communication is only a waste of words.

Keeping these facts before them the couples were given two different handouts: one for the men and one for the women. The husbands had to rate his fears in their relationship on a scale of 1 to 5 which included issues like moodiness, sexual acceptance, over-spending, nagging and fidelity.

The women had to rate their fears similarly on factors like Respect for her views, his job security, disciplining children, helping around the house, sexual demands and infidelity.

Like the previous group discussion the participants broke out into groups, only this time there were all-male and all-female groups.  The groups discussed the issues in their handouts and a spokesperson from each group of men and women was asked to share which were the 3 major areas that perturbed them.  For men the main issues that disconcerted them were moodiness, nagging and sexual rejection. They expressed their point of view and how differences could be resolved. Simultaneously when women were asked to share their main three areas of concern it was disciplining children, helping around the house, job security and respect for her views.  They too delved into how the gap could be bridged and offered some suggestions for the same.

Finally it was Father Cajetan's turn to tell the couples:  'together they could make it happen!' He made them aware, why each one felt differently as God had meant man and woman to be made both physically, emotionally and intellectually different yet he made them to complement each other. Arguments are part of every marriage but communication is the key. It is better to talk it out and share feelings about each other, about their family about things to be done for the house or for the children rather than to keep it to ourselves.

It was important as some couples already had shared to keep a few minutes before bedtime to recoup the events of the day and share each other's achievements and their plans. A goodnight kiss, a good morning hug, a warm goodbye, a warm welcome would go a long way in cementing this beautiful Sacrament of Marriage that God has given to us privileged ones.  Finally Father Cajetan gave the couples a secret recipe to follow to make their marriage lively, vibrant and gratifying.  He ended with the words "I have given you the recipe, now you have to make the pudding".

Friday, December 27, 2013


by Bento D'Souza


AHMEDNAGAR, DECEMBER 27, 2013: On 15th December children spent the day celebrating Children's day in BGVK. Fr Savio Silveira, Development Office, Mumbai, was present. At a colourful function held to celebrate the privilege and responsibility of owning the Nation's future through the Children's parliament Movement, the children manifested great talent and took part in the days event with enthusiasm and excitement.

BGVK conducted a Children's Day and Child Rights Day Celebration on Sunday, in which outstanding children parliamentarians were celebrated for their active performance in the community development initiative.

The chief guests for the occasion were Frs. Solomon Rapol and Gregory D'Almeida.A satkar was held to welcome the dignitaries and supporters of the project.

Many cultural events, skits, dance and song were conducted as part of the celebrations to showcase the children's talents right through the day.

Keeping child rights in the forefront of their mission, BGVK, a voluntary organization working for the development of children at risk, empowers children to know about their rights and helps them put it into practice through a platform called Children Parliament.

All the children who are catered to by BGVK have been exposed to this practice and are part of children parliament in various target areas of the city, where they not only discuss the problem among themselves but also contact the local political bodies and solve their problems, besides taking their own initiatives to solve a problem.

Children who belong to low income groups, street children and slum children, hold important positions in the children parliament, where they tend to articulate and empathise on their problems as well as others and also solve them practically.

"Before coming to BGVK, we were just like any another kid playing on the street, not knowing where we live and under what conditions. But today, after six years into children parliament, I know what's going around me and ways to make it right for us. Through our parliament, we have educated several children who were devoid of school education and solved many basic issues in our community by contacting related local bodies. This has given us the confidence to face the world with a new strength," said a student .Going forward, BGVK's  mission is to expand this initiative of educating everyone about child rights through children parliament in all areas of the city. Currently, there are around more than a 1000 children  under this specially prepared mandap. "We are constantly looking forward to expand in all the places. These rural  kids and children are the ones who don't have their basic rights, so we educate them about the rights they are entitled to and make them fight for it, which is possible only by involving them in the children parliament," said  a special coordinator of BGVK.


by BIS correspondent


BORIVALI-MUMBAI, DECEMBER 27, 2013: Drama is always enjoyable. It is fun to portray various characters, express a myriad of emotions. When the medium is a rich language like Marathi, drama is all the more entertaining. That is precisely why the Marathi Dramatics Competition organised at Don Bosco High School Borivali on the 12th of December, 2013 was a huge success.

Fluent dialogues, impeccable voice modulation and witty quips- the audience saw them all as the participants showcased their acting prowess and impressed the esteemed judges. The plays emphasized on morals relevant in the modern world.

In the High School, the Red House bagged the First place while the Green House had to be content with the runners-up spot. Tushar Apte won the best male actor award while Yash D'souza won the prize for the best portrayal of female character

The Blue House won the First Place in the Middle School category, edging out the Green House who emerged runners-up. Dishant Rane was selected as the best male actor while Parsun Choudhari bagged the best portrayal of female character.

Hats off to all the teachers and actors who practised hard to put up a spellbinding show!


by Bento D'Souza


BHINGAR- AHMEDNAGAR, DECEMBER 27, 2013: The choir of St John Baptist, Bhingar took part in the Carol Prayer service and festival organized by the Christ Church (CNI) Bhingar Cantonment.

The carol singing was part of the prayer service of the congregation and a number of choirs from different denominations took part in it each singing unique songs of the Christmas season.

Christ Church choir, the Sunday school children's CNI choir, the Mahila Mandal CNI choir, the Booth Hospital nurses, the Believer's church, St. Monica D.Ed College Youth, the Hume Memorial church, the Orion Group choir all sang their rendering of the features of the Christmas event in Marathi or Hindi.

The church event ended with the singing of Silent Night as a  candlelit procession with lighted candles exited the church.


by BIS correspondent


BORIVALI-MUMBAI, December 27, 2013: In preparation for the bicentenary year of Don Bosco Bosco Boys Home wanted to do something new and different to give prominence to their father and founder Don Bosco.

They decided to do a "glass etching" of a traditional & popular picture of Don Bosco and place it in a prominent place at the entrance. A generous parishioner Mrs. Sophia Gomes from Don Bosco parish arrived at the right time to sponsor this frame.

Anyone who walks into Bosco Boys Home notices this impressive picture with admiration.

Long live Don Bosco.

This picture was unveiled in the presence of the staff, students, well-wishers, fathers and donors; Mrs. Sophia Gomes.

Thursday, December 19, 2013


by Bento D'Souza

" It does not matter where you come from, it matter not where you go,. What matters is, where you sit, for it is sitting at the feet of the Lord that we are blessed."

AHMEDNAGAR, DECEMBER 19, 2013: On 14th and 15th December, 2013,  the youth of the three parishes of Nagar had a youth retreat organized for them at BGVK. 40 youth participated in this retreat. They sat at the feet of the Lord for two full days.

The animator was Fr. Sanjay Lopes. Talks on Love for Jesus, the Rich young man who left everything to follow Christ, Reconciliation and God's love were interspersed over the two day.

Fr Rolvin and his Music ministry team conducted the praise and worship after supper, while the priests of the area, Frs Nelson, Bento, Goyal & Francis sat to offer the sacrament of reconciliation to the youth in search for healing.

Frs. Thomas D'Costa and Manuel Murzello gave motivational talks to the young retreatants. The brothers of DBYC, Koregaon Park,  Pune did their share of Salesian assistance.

The retreat concluded with the celebration of the Eucharist.


by BIS correspondent 

NERUL-MUMBAI, NOVEMBER 19, 2013: The Eighth Annual Athletic Meet, 2013-2014 was organized on 7TH December, 2013 at on the grounds of Don Bosco Senior Secondary School, Nerul, by the Primary and the Secondary Sections. It was very enthusiastically and dynamically participated by all the students from Classes I to XII.

The Athletic Meet commenced with the arrival of the Chief Guest, Rector Reverend Fr. Wilfred D'Souza, accompanied by the Manager Fr. Bonnie Borges, Principal Fr. Anthony Fonseca and the supervisors. The day's chief guest was then introduced to all by the Fr. Principal.

The dignitaries were felicitated by the students of Class V. It was followed by the hoisting of the school flag and singing of the school anthem. The ceremony of lighting of the torch was conducted by Fr. Wilfred, the Chief Guest who then formally declared the athletic meet open.

The inaugural march past was led by the school captain , vice captain , sports captain , the squads of the four houses, scouts and guides and the RSP cadets followed by the School band. It was followed by the oath-taking ceremony and the sportsman's prayer. The colourful drills viz. 'Simply south' by Class I, 'Save Ganga' by Class II, 'Bharat ka Taaj' by Class III, 'The Wondrous West' by class IV, were then displayed by the tiny tots Pyramids by Class V.

The drills were followed by the excellent performances of gymnastics and Mallakhamb by the students of class IV to Class VII. All the performances were highly appreciated and applauded by the honourable dignitaries, the audience and were also enjoyed by the children. The drills were followed the chief guest's motivational speech and the presentation of memento to the chief guest by the Manager.

The most thrilling track events were next. The winners were awarded certificates, medals and trophies by the chief guest. Finally the blue house having scored maximum points was declared 'The House of the Year, 2013-14'.

It was followed by the vote of thanks presented by the Fr. Principal. The meet was formally declared closed by the chief guest, Fr. Wilfred. The 8th Annual Athletic Meet finally came to an end at 4.30 p.m with the national anthem.


by BIS correspondent 

NERUL-MUMBAI, DECEMBER 19, 2013: As the leaves change and we bundle up for cooler weather, an entire new season of sports begins at Dominic Savio Kindergarten, Nerul. Every year the school organizes a Sports Day based on a particular theme, as it believes in the holistic development of a child. What better way than to give them training and opportunities in the field of sports? The 8th Annual Sports Meet for classes Pre-Preparatory and Preparatory was organized on Saturday, 7th December, 2013 at the school grounds.

Pre Primary teachers and supervisor organized this program, which started at 9.00 am with the Arrival of the Chief Guest Dr. Margaret Rao, Consultant Educationist. The theme for Drills was 'National Games'. Pre- Preparatory and Preparatory Children dressed up in costumes of various games started with a "Torch run", which was followed by a march-past performed by the students for the first time flying Dominic Savio flag high. Pre –Preparatory A & B presented a drill display on the theme  "Badminton", Pre – Preparatory C & D performed on theme 'Hockey' ,Pre - Preparatory F & Preparatory F Performed on theme  "Football", Preparatory C & D performed on theme 'Baseball'  & Preparatory A & B performed on theme Cricket'. The drill display was followed by Competitive Events of Group A & Group B.

Sports day enhances creativity, physical activity, team work and encourages sportsman ship. It also enhances fair play and instills a high regard to co-operation and togetherness. The Drills give every child an opportunity to be on the grounds matching exercises to the beat of the drum or music. Each one has learned not only the different exercise in sequence but more importantly the beauty of performing in unison, and the strength of team work. They also take a message that finishing a race is equally important as winning it.

Teachers along with supervisor were very enthusiastic and organized the program very systematically .The chief guest was very impressed with the theme based drills and appreciated a very systematic conduct of sports day. She was very happy to see children marching past with great confidence, and performing the drills. The Principal appreciated the program and encouraged teachers to continue the good work in the future. Parents enjoyed the event along with the children, they were happy to see their children running and winning the medals and trophies. 


by BIS correspondent 

WADALA-MUMBAI, DECEMBER 19, 2013: Shelter Don Bosco celebrated YaR day on 20th Nov for the children of 15 NGOs. There were 210 children and 20 staff who part took in the event. The theme of the YaR day was to love and care. The program began with prayer song and lighting of candles. The candles were lit by the representatives of each NGOs. After that Mr. Hanumanta gawde, one of the staff members of the shelter welcomed the gathering.

The chief guest for this program was Mr. Pravin Damble who addressed the children with his inspiring and motivating words. After this, Fr. Jesu Robinson, the coordinator of shelter thanked the chief guest and all the other NGOs for accepting the invitation and for their constant support. There were lively games which were animated for the children which were filled with lots of fun and entertainment.

Once the games were over the children were introduced to the theme for the YaR day and were made aware about various policies which favor the rights of the children. There was some recreation time which was fruitfully used by the children by dancing and showing various stunts.

The talent show which was the attraction of the event began at 2:00 pm. The judges for the talent show were Mr. milind and miss. Grace John. There were two participants from each NGOs. The talent show involved dance, singing and some stunts which were performed by the children. The children through their various performances gave the impression that they had really put hard work in giving such an excellent performance.

The program concluded by giving away of the prizes for the talent show and for the animated games. At the end, Fr. Robinson thanked the gathering for their cooperation and participation. He also thanked all the people who made this event possible and successful. The floor was open for all those children who wanted to dance. The program concluded at 5:00 pm. 


by BIS correspondent

LONAVLA-MAHARASHTRA, DECEMBER 19, 2013: What began on Monday, Dec 09 in the form of heats concluded ceremoniously in a grand Sports Day celebration at Don Bosco High School and Junior College Lonavla. The Management, Staff and Students of Don Bosco Lonavla gathered for their Annual Sports Meet on the grounds of their Institution. The Sports day program began with the welcoming of the Chief Guest, Commodore D.S. Chouhan, the commanding officer at INS Shivaji, Lonavla. The day began with the March Past by the different Houses and the Commodore taking the Salute. The Sports achievers and medal holders of the School and College had a torch relay at the end of which the cauldron flame was lit which was placed on a 3-storeyed torch tower built entirely by Bamboos and Spars. Then what followed was a series of Displays by the students of the school. These consisted of Mass Drill, Yoga, Aerobics, Gymnastics and one performance by a neighbouring school, D.C. (Dinshaw Cawasji High School) on Malkhamb which was the most impressive of the lot.

At the end of the impressive displays, the Chief Guest Commodore Chouhan, expressed his gratitude and appreciation for all that he had witnessed. He exhorted the students to excel in every field, re-echoing the thought mentioned on the backdrop of the program. He also mentioned that whatever a student achieves in school should be something that one does in appreciation for one's parents. After the speech, the finals of various events were held. These events included the 100m, 200, Obstacle race, skipping race, tug-o-war, 1500m and a wheel barrow race for boys of Maria Ashiana.

After these events, special games were organized for the Past pupils, Parents and the Teachers. At the end of the day, all were involved in the Sports Day in some way or the other. Finally, the prize distribution was held and the Principal Fr. Lorenzo D'souza distributed the trophies and medals for the individual championships.


BHINGAR-AHMEDNAGAR, DECEMBER, 19, 2013: Carol singing season began with the youth from Bhingar Parish accompanied by  Santa Claus making a round of Bura Nagar Village  to sing Christmas carols on 9th December 2013, the yatra in honour of the Immaculate Conception.
After carol singing, there was Holy Mass to celebrate the Yatra and then a snehabhojan. Each house was visited while an elated Santa Claus sang and danced for the homes in the village. On 10th December, the Bhingar Junior choir again went to St Francis Xavier Zone, Dairy farm, sang hymns for the Yatra Mass on the occasion of the feast of St Francis Xavier and sang carols in the homes of the people till late night accompanied by Santa Claus, dancing with the family.
On 11th December, Fr. Nelson Falcao  visited Khandke  village for the inauguration of a new grotto and celebrated mass. Fr Bento and the youth choir sang carols in Vellankani Zone accompanied by Santa Claus. On 12thDecember, St. Pauls’ Zone, Vaidhya Colony in the heart of the Army enclave, had Carol singing and the visit of Santa Claus, accompanied by the two priests of the parish, Fr Nelson and Bento. Each one at home was wished Happy Christmas and a Peaceful New year. 


SHELTI, DECEMBER 19, 2013: It was indeed a joyful evening on 9th December, 2013. Fourteen groups, each group consisting 15 members, from various Parishes and Chaplaincies came together to express their Christmas joy at Shelti Mission.

Each group junior and senior had to sing two Carols each in different languages. The Program began at 6.00 p.m. and ended at 9.30 p.m. Rev. Fr. Valarian D'Souza, the Provincial of Pillar Fathers was the Chief Guest and Fr. Sabastian Mascarehas sfx, Mission Superior of Daman was the guest of honour.

It was indeed a thrilling experience for almost 200 parishners who attended the joyful evening. In his speech the Chief Guest gave a short message of Christmas Love and the Guest of Honor, spoke about how each Christian is invited to share this Love with his/her neighbours. Both praised Fr. Augustine Pereira and Fr. Rixon for organising such a beautiful evening as a preparation for Christmas. 


by Fr. Rolvin D'Mello

AHMEDNAGAR, DECEMBER 19, 2013: The day on which Don Bosco started his congregation was commemorated at St. Anne's Church as 'Vocation Sunday'. This was an initiative by Fr. Thomas D'Costa (vocation promoter of the region) in which 42 boys from Stds. 7th to 12th participated for an entire day's program. The theme for the day was "Lord where do you stay? – COME AND SEE" (Jn 1: 38-39).

The day began by welcoming the boys and serving them breakfast; followed by ice-breakers and interaction games. Fr. Thomas then shared his vocation story with the boys. To get the children more familiar with Don Bosco there was a video presentation on the life of Don Bosco. Fr. Rolvin then spoke on the theme of the day 'Come & See' – in the light of advent season, he then highlighted that we need to be attentive to lord if he is calling us.

The highlight of the day was the Holy Eucharist which was celebrated by Fr. Thomas D'costa. Br. Johnson along with the youth of the parish organized the games for the boys which the boys really enjoyed. The program ended with a parting message and prize distribution ceremony. We implore almighty God that HE may inspire some of these probable vocation boys to follow HIM more closely.


by BIS correspondent 

NERUL-MUMBAI, DECEMBER 19, 2013: The Value Education Program for class IV C was held on 12th December, 2013 at Don Bosco Senior Secondary School, Nerul. The topic for this program was 'Health is Wealth'. The teacher in charge was Kanchan Kakade. The objective was to make students aware about the healthy eating.

The program began with a prayer followed by the National Anthem. A small video showing the dangers of eating junk food was shown. A skit related to Healthy food was performed to create awareness regarding the proper food habits with the information about different food groups. A song along with the dance was also performed by the students.

In the end, the Vote of Thanks was given by Teacher Kanchan followed by the noon talk by Fr. Bonnie. The program came to an end by few words of inspiration by Fr. Anthony Fonesca.

Overall, the program was successful in creating awareness about the good eating habits and to avoiding junk food. 

Friday, December 13, 2013


by BIS correspondent 

MATUNGA– MUMBAI, DECEMBER 12, 2013: A session on Human Trafficking in India organised by Don Bosco Youth Services in preparation for World Human Rights Day (10th December), was attended by around 30 youth from 6:30 to 8:30 pm on December 9. The event was organised by the socio-political commission of the Salesian Youth Movement in Mumbai, which has already been sending out Human Rights articles through social networks on a daily basis in December.

The socio-political coordinators Marina D'Costa and Alma Odil began the session by introducing the idea of human rights, and presenting the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Divya David, a research student at TISS Mumbai and SYM member, presented the grim reality of Human Trade for sexual slavery, bonded labour, domestic work, beggary, and trafficking of human organs. Through a presentation interspersed with video clips of situations in India, she uncovered the misery and abuse that vulnerable women and children suffer, and made the participants aware of the alarming nexus between the traffickers who operate in poverty-stricken regions, the crime bosses, politicians, police and government authorities.

Some of the youth expressed shock at the horrifying reality of trade in persons, the extent to which it goes on, and the absolute helplessness of the victims. Divya helped the participants realise that there is still hope for change through people's initiatives. These include spreading awareness about human rights and the menace of human trafficking, identifying and protecting vulnerable groups and persons in our neighbourhoods, fighting against discrimination and stigmatisation of victims, and reaching out to victims by joining hands with those who work for their rehabilitation and social reinsertion.

Fr. Cleophas concluded the evening with a reflection on human rights in the context of Gospel values, the need to encourage change in attitudes that underlie the discrimination, violence and abuse of vulnerable persons, and the Christian motivation for practising compassion and service of the underprivileged and the oppressed.