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Cl. Justus Mendis


DAKOR-AHMEDABAD, JANUARY 03, 2013:  The Forty Fifth KNIT INDIA of USM (Universal Solidarity Movement) was held at Indore from December 28 to 31, 2012.  More than one hundred and thirty students from six states participated in the event.


Fr. Isaac Arackaparambil along with Cl. Justus Mendis and CL. Anthony Patole, were the Salesians who participated in the KNIT INDIA programme. Fr. Isaac was one of the resource person for the event. There were also many priests, nuns, teachers and principals who came to participate accompanying their students.


The USM stands for its motto, “Transforming the World by transforming the Self.” For religious during the formation is said, “Self formation is the best formation.” And that is what USM does with the youngsters. USM highlights saying "Transform yourself first than transform the world." Begin with self, deep within the internal change that is needed. USM has its spirituality in the five-fold path, USM gives five paths For self-transformation.


1.Pray daily for peace according to one’s religious traditions. To be agent of peace and reconciliation. The world today is at chaos, thus there is a need of peace in the heart and mind of every person in the world.


2. Skip a meal a week to express solidarity with the hungry and contribute the savings for the poor and the needy. This keeps us emotionally in touch with the hungry and the needy.

3. Do a good deed a day without any selfish motive to develop loving concern for the nation. We are taught in the Indian culture Nishkamakarma yoga. Our scouting moments makes us to keep a good turn diary for a month.


4. Honour parents, teachers and all human beings. Do to others as you want others do to you whether the person is younger or older that does not matter but respecting him with full human dignity.


5. Respect the earth and save its resources. By taking care of water resources, planting more trees and making mother earth pollution free.  Saving water, electricity, keeping the campus clean are the ways to respect the mother earth.


This five paths are simple and apt for every individual to get a self-transformation. USM does not force students to follow it. It is students’ free will to follow it. USM keeps us in touch with God, the needy, ourselves in doing good deeds, well-wishers and the natural resources available to us by this five path to live.



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