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DAKOR-AHMEDABAD, JANUARY 05, 2013 “Every human achievement is an extension of God’s glory”, says Fr. Varghese Alengaden.


The USM participants of Forty-fifth KNIT INDIA felt its spirituality in depth on December 28, 2012. Students who had already taken part in the USM leadership training course and who imbibed the USM spirituality were invited for this mega event. Therefore, the number of students participating for this event was restricted to only three from each such schools, which led to the gathering of one hundred and fifty participants.


In the Forty-fifth KNIT INDIA programme during the panel discussion sessions the USM spirituality was seen in depth. Students coming from rich, poor and middle class background did not matter. It was the values that had mattered.


USM believes in Sarva Dharma Samabhavna. These students came forward and gave their testimonies. These testified how the USM spirituality, in keeping with the fivefold path has helped them to change their life. Keeping the mother earth clean, saving water and electricity, doing a good deed, respecting the human being with dignity were some of the action done by the students in the day to day life.


Criticism was taken with patience smiling. USM had trained how to take criticism and discouragement. Students who came forward to give their testimonies spoke about their vision for life. Each student had a vision and an objective in their life. The USM spirituality motivates students and teaches them to build a better world by transforming self. These USM members felt the change in themselves and help others to have a vision to build a better world.


Another part of USM charism is that there is no bell. Punctuality is a part of the USM spirituality. Time table is given to candidates and the flow of program takes place in time. There is no force, no compulsion in doing.


Without prayer there is no spirituality. USM had its prayer moments in the afternoon before lunch and evening before supper. The afternoon prayer time is specially for peace in the world. A burning candle is kept in center and around which students and teachers pray. During the prayer, there are inter religious songs sung and readings taken from scriptures of different religion. In the evening, there is a ‘Chintan Baitak’. In it, candidates sit around the lighted candle sharing what had inspired them throughout the day. Sharing is done in critical apprecitation for better quality of growth. Sharing thus becomes inspiration for others.


Thus, the days spent in such atmosphere boosted the youth and the elders to a spirituality of USM with concrete steps to social responsibility.




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