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KURLA-MUMBAI, JANUARY 05, 2013 :  WorldSkills International an Amsterdam based not-for-profit organization conducts the “WORLD SKILLS INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION “.  Also known as SKILL OLYMPIAD, it has a long history of sixtyyears behind it and is the largest vocational skills competition globally. It takes place in a different country every two years and brings together over 1000 young people from across the globe, the upper age limit being twenty-three years, to compete in skills ranging from welding to web design.  This year, WorldSkills  Competition 2013 will be conducted at Leipzig (Germany) in the month of July.


The competitors pitch their skills against the world’s best and compete for gold, silver and bronze medals. Skilled young persons from sixty countries and regions will be competing in forty-three disciplines for the title of “World Champion”.


This largest vocational skills competition attracts thousands of visitors such as schools, colleges and training providers, government representatives, employers and teachers. For all the young people taking part, it is an invaluable unique learning experience and for the visitor it provides information, knowledge and inspiration.


Nowadays, if you visit a World Skills Competition, you will be pleased to see the young skilled workers' know-how and seriousness, their pride on having been selected and the pleasure they feel to meet their counterparts from other continents. In spite of language barriers, the experience they gain will certainly affect the professional, personal and human aspects of their lives forever. The Competitions are not only designed for ranking Member countries/regions and awarding medals. In fact, they give a new impulse to their vocational training systems.


In India the National Skills Development Corporation (NSDC) is the present member of this world body and carries out India’s participation in close cooperation with CII.  Our future economic health is dependent on the skilled workforce and that’s why World Skills Competition is so very important. Simply put, there is no economy without skilled workers.


Welding is one of the disciplines included for this competition. At least thirty-six member countries have been registered for the trade of Welding as of now and India is one of them. Under the auspices of CII & NSDC, several regional welding competitions were held earlier. Seven best welders were identified and the National Selections were carried out at Don Bosco Maritime Academy, Kurla on 07, 08 and 09 December, 2012. Two were selected for the First and Second Rank. These two candidates will undergo intensive training at DBMA starting from Jan 07 for a period of six weeks at the end of which one of them will be selected to represent India at the World Skills Competition. The final competition in Germany is a tough one and lasts for a period of four working days. It calls for consummate knowledge and skill and requires peak performance.


Several Institutes from Pune, Bangalore, Chennai and Trichy were considered for carrying out this training and all these Institutes belong to Welding Equipment or Consumable Manufacturers or Heavy Fabrication Industries. DBMA considers it an honour  that it has been selected to train India’s representative in the welding discipline at the World Skills International Competition.


In India Welding as a Vocation is looked down upon in society, even amongst the blue collar population.  A Grand Show that portrays welding as a practical skill globally required and respected, would help immensely for a complete makeover of the Welder's image. The surrounding publicity that Welding is an internationally recognized skill can generate tremendous interest in welding as a career for youngsters looking for openings in vocational skills.


Don Bosco Maritime Academy is sparing no effort to realize the ambition of India and it’s champion in reaching for Gold .

WorldSkills Leipzig 2013…. Here comes India!!





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