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Shayne Nair


NORTHERN ARABIAN VICARIATE, JANUARY 10, 2013 :  Norman Vincent Peale once said “Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.” It would be a rhetorical question if one asked how Christmas decorations could have so much of an impact.


Christmas decorations should all be about “magic”. And what better way to welcome Christmas spirit, than forgetting all the bad, focusing on what truly matters and turning your home into a miniature festival of joy - whether it is a fireplace with stockings that brings warmth to an interior, a decorated Christmas tree, a colourful lighting installation, or a creative message on one of the walls.


With Global Warming being the major agenda worldwide for scientists, we at SPY thought why don’t we play a little part in helping those mind wobbling scientists. We, the youth of the St. Therese Parish in the Northern Arabian Vicariate, decided to organize a Christmas décor competition with the theme – ‘Go Green’.


As every door - bell rang and every door opened itself to us, the Christmas feeling just rushed onto us. Sparkling Lights, wall mounted decorations, a tall Christmas tree but what caught the attention was the Star that made itself comfortable right at the top of the tree.


It was intriguing to see how families abided by the theme and brought out ideas and implemented them this Christmas. Low-emitting lights, power savers, paper decorations and last but not the least smiling faces all around that kept Christmas feeling alive.


Decorations of all shapes and sizes, fluorescent lighting, modernized cribs but keeping the significance of a stable, shepherds, three kings and the ever-so bright STAR right above the Saviour’s birth place were all part of the experience we got to see. Deservedly the families were appreciated for their hard work or rather for their dedication this Christmas.


Hope this Christmas you’ve done your part because we the youth at St. Therese have certainly done ours.




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