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Fr. Ashwin Macwan

NARUKOT-GUJARAT, FEBRUARY 23, 2013 : Under the guidance of Fr. Ashwin together with Development <![if !vml]><![endif]>staff, a one day exposure visit was organized as part of creating awareness about governance among the villagers of Narukot. It is interesting that ninety women for the first time went out of the villages and actively took part in the exposure.

First session was conducted for them in Don Bosco Narukot. Mr Paresh Ganava introduced the goal of coming together. The Rector Fr. Pravin welcomed them and asked them to keep their eyes open as they go around the other houses of Don Bosco.

Mr Mahesh from Development office also spoke to them regarding <![if !vml]><![endif]>governance. They were shown a video film on Gramsabha and what happens when we go to gramsabha and participate actively. They were explained the different activities of the institute. Then they visited the technical institute and were explained by Bro. Damodar different treads which are available where youngsters from their villages come, join and learn.

Second session was conducted in Don Bosco Kawant by Fr. Gregory where he shared with them some of the <![if !vml]><![endif]>very useful information regarding forming SHGs. He also explained to them the activities which are going on in the institute. They were shown a film regarding water management. They were happy to see the wonderful collection of Rathwa culture preserved in the museum. They thanked the community of Don Bosco Kawant for looking after them and making them feel at home.

Third session was conducted in Don Bosco Chottaudepur, they were taken up by the bakery which is run by SHG group. The members explained to them the struggle which they went through in the beginning. The SHG members asked the women to keep their trust in the work done by Don Bosco in their area. Bro. Vincent showed them the farm and the poultry farm. They were thankful to the community of Chottaudepur.

With tears in her eyes, one of the women shared her feelings. She said, "I wanted to study in Don Bosco school but my daddy had the idea that if I <![if !vml]><![endif]>study in Don Bosco they will make me a Christian and so I was put in another school. I sincerely regret for having missed the opportunity of studying in Don Bosco school. But today I have decided that both my children will study only in Don Bosco school."

The exposure visit was a good learning experience for the villagers especially women. It created an opportunity for them to interact with different people engaged in development process in different places. There was enough which will definitely enhance the spirit of involvement in development process. It was a wonderful journey for all of us.

The Development staff worked hard to make this visit a memorable one. Fr. Ashwin congratulated them and thanked the women for coming out and showing trust and confidence in the work being done in their villages by Don Bosco Narukot.

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