Wednesday, April 3, 2013


BIS Mumbai                                  






MATUNGA-MUMBAI, APRIL 03, 2013:  YOUTH PASCH  13 was not by chance because each of us were there by choice, a choice we had made to be part of a discovery into ourselves, the church and the risen Lord who loves us and continues to die for us in the hope that we will rise above our sins.


So let me start with thanking each one of the 'Paschers' for making the right choice, your sharing and interactions made the tridium more involved, insightful and meaningful.


Thank you animators, Joe Mani, Bibiana and Marina for being our alarm clocks, guides, 'dress' police. Actually thanks for just being around. It led to the smooth execution of all the activities.


Thank you to all the priests involved in YP13.


Our pied the piper, the Charismatic Fr. Cleophas, who helped us realise the importance of forgiveness and the Bible, we are grateful that you took the time to clear our doubts and answered our queries about the Bible; even though it was not on the agenda.


The Enriching Fr. Edison who got us to discover aspects we never knew existed and challenge stereotypes through much needed 'young' topics like 'love and relationships' and a 'mature' topic like 'death.'


The Giving Fr. Glenn, you really are a loving giver. Thanks for giving us absolutely memorable experiences through the form of the Exodus Experience, the Seder Meal, the Labyrinth Experience - A MUST DO and the Empty Tomb experience or must I say 'The My Tomb Experience'.


The Joyful Fr. Ajoy with his smile that reaches his eyes was this approachable figure of calm and I can vouch for all those who interacted with him have had a 'TAKE AWAY' that definitely leaves you settled.


A big thank you to all the Salesians on the Don Bosco Lonavala campus the Rector – Fr. Cletus, the Administrator – Br. Savio, and the other members of their community thank you for having us over.


God bless the master chefs at Don Bosco, Lonavala who gave us enough 'food for thought'. We've heard of the 'The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak', but the spirit and the flesh were made strong and ready to experience and cherish everything at YP13.


How could I forget the Marvellous Sr. Mary Cherian, this namesake of our Mother Mary was a real mother to many, she would wake us up, encourage us, trigger our creative side and I am sure the boys are with me when I say she was responsible for a few more muscular looking boys, thanks to the heavy weight lifting of the bricks and the pots that beautified many areas at YP13.


And no to the two young enthusiastic brothers who accompanies us. Avil is the name of a tablet you have to rid yourself of an allergy- the Awesome Br. Avil, with his golden voice and powerful music healed us of all our allergies so that we could participate wholeheartedly in the Eucharistic services and of course last but not the least our Just Br. Johnson who went about his duty of allocating us duties in the most proactive and just manner, before you knew he was around involving  us in things we never even dreamed of taking part in.... cleaning, choir, liturgy, and decoration of the Altar of repose and the chapel.


My thank you would be incomplete without acknowledging the real unsung heroes of YP13. – Francis, Joyce, Conrad and Telston who worked silently, behind the scenes so that we could have an enriching experience.


So thank you all on behalf of the Humble Servants, the Passionate Lovers, the Returning Prodigals and the Joyful Witnesses for giving us an opportunity to let our old selves die so that we could be born anew in Christ and make a loving difference wherever we go.






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