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By: Mr Amarr Prabhu


KURLA-MUMBAI, APRIL 06, 2013: It was an exhibition of Technical prowess and an annual day celebrated with great panache that made the Forty Eight Annual Day of St. Joseph's Industrial Training Institute, Kurla on March 17, 2013, truly memorable. This exhibition really burst the myth that a technician's job is dull as it pertains to merely installing or repairing technical appliances or machinery. To the nearly thousand people who viewed the fifty odd projects and interacted with the students who engineered them it was evident that learning a trade at St. Joseph's ITI is an exciting affair.


The projects on display by the seven departments were either innovations, alternatives to existing models of gadgets, introducing new or green technologies that could save fuel, money, result in a cleaner environment or just offer more convenience. Quite a few were working models that explained a teaching point in a very effective way. The three outstanding projects were a Lathe Machine Model (Teaching Aid), a Display of an Automatic System for a Frost Free Refrigerator and a Steam driven Engine.


The Chief Guest, Mr. Sunish Anand, Managing Director of M/s. KRISTEEL SHINWA INDUSTRIES Ltd. along with Fr. Colbert da Silva the Executive Director was very impressed to hear the students effortlessly explain the How and the Why of some of those working models created by them. Undoubtedly they knew what they were talking about. The fine workmanship and attention to detail was something that you just couldn't miss. No cardboard, thermocole, paper and glue stuff but industry grade material cut and shaped, welded and burnished to perfection.


The exhibition was much more than a showcase of products by the three hundred and sixty eight students, thirteen of whom are girls. It put on display the robust teaching learning methodologies of the Institute, the guidance and support of the thirty two committed staff and the vision of a management to raise the bar of excellence while enabling every opportunity for development.


So taken up was Mr. Anand with the quality of exhibits and the enthusiasm and motivation of the trainees that he announced a scholarship of Rupees Ten Thousand for deserving students and sixteen employment openings for students of St. Joseph's Industrial Training Institute Every Year. Hat indeed was a magnanimous offer and sheer music to the ears of the students. The exhibition was extended for three more days to enable the neighbouring schools, other ITI as well as the engineering students of the campus to visit.


The Cultural Program that was graced by parents, alumni and several well-wishers was a celebration of talent and imagination and even provoked thought. The Chief Guest and Dignitaries were ushered into the Santino Mondini Hall with a lezim procession. The  'Prayer Song' led the other items which were mainly very well performed dances – Hip-Hop, Bollywood, Free style and the like!  All dances were choreographed by our own students Mayur Pol and Chetan.


A skit in Hindi which, besides being a hit with the audience was a real life depiction of all that goes on in Mumbai – scandal, corruption, insensitivity, etc., which of course ended with a moral we can overcome all this and more if we work together in unity. Mr Sunish Anand, Fr. Adolph Furtado, the Rector and Fr. Colbert addressed the gathering.  Mr Amarr Prabhu the Principal, presented a report of the developments of the institute in the last academic year.


The grand finale brought the program and the Forty Eight Annual Day function to a close in a very touching manner, with all those who participated in the various activities of the evening coming on stage to the singing of  "We are the world" performed by the 'Tradesmen', the rock band of SJITI.  The Principal proposed a Vote of Thanks and the Chief Guest and Dignitaries, after being photographed with the participants, were escorted out of the auditorium once again with a lezim procession.


Most of the parents felt proud of their sons and daughters as they performed on stage or heard them explain their projects at the exhibition. For many of them it was their first time on stage or a chance to display their technical skills. After all, at St. Joseph's Industrial Training Institute it is all about Creating Opportunities, Offering Livelihood Skills, Building Lives…in a Professional Don Bosco Caring way.







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