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By: Curie Colaco


NORTHERN ARABIAN VICARIATE APRIL 29, 2013:  On Friday, April 26, 2013, the Salmiya Parish Youth (SPY), under the able guidance of Fr. Lionel Braganza, organized a Domestic Helpers day programme for men and women at Don Bosco School.


The theme selected for the occasion was 'Garden of Eden'. The youth decorated the premises beautifully with trees, vines, date palms and an assortment of fruits and handmade flowers to simulate their idea of what the Garden of Eden could have been.


Around one hundred and sixty eight Domestic Helpers arrived at the school with cheerful expressions. They filled up the seats eagerly waiting for the programme to begin. The function was preceded by Mass, celebrated by Rev. Fr. Lionel Braganza, who welcomed all the helpers and thanked them for being present to enjoy the evening with the youth. The readings were done by the domestic helpers while the SPY members in the choir animated the mass with their melodious voices.


To get things started, SPY volunteers rallied the helpers into a circle and danced with them to some well-known party music like 'The Birdie Dance', after which they were made to do action songs. Energized by the songs, the people were led to do the IPL dance which they performed with much gusto. The emcees awarded spot prizes to the enthusiastic domestic helpers.


'Crossing the River Jordan', a game, was held after the spot prizes which had all the domestic helpers scurrying around the volunteers. The tension in the atmosphere was palpable as the last few contestants battled for the prize. After the exhilarating game, the domestic helpers were given a moment's time to catch their breath.


The assembly of domestic helpers was then divided into seven groups to facilitate the group discussion on the topic of 'Seven Deadly Sins'. Volunteers were assigned to each group and were made to pick up slips of paper on which a deadly sin was written.


Each group was given a period of fifteen minutes to prepare a short skit and then present the skit. What followed was a series of vivaciously enacted performances, which received thunderous applause. The lively skits brought out a feeling of kinship and fondness among the domestic helpers.


Lunch was served and this was followed by a few more spot prize distributions. After the sumptuous meal, everyone gathered for a game of Housie, and the entire assembly danced together for the final Jam session. All in all, the event left the domestic helpers with new friends, memories and an experience befitting the Garden of Eden.


As they left, they profusely thanked the priests and youth for organizing a fun-filled day.





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