Thursday, May 2, 2013


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By: Jessie Pinto


ANDHERI-MUMBAI, MAY 02, 2013:  In the past few months, there have been increasing number of incidences of abuse and exploitation on children, be it sexual abuse of five year old child in Delhi or rescue of children from Jari Industry.


We read or see such children around our neighbourhood; we are immune to atrocities done against such children it is sad to hear and we sympathize about their pitiable condition & move on. But as a citizen of our Country, our role doesn't end here. We need to ensure that every child gets his/her childhood in a small yet significant contribution from every citizen.. As part of our programme in sensitization this issue we as a Team of Don Bosco Balprafula (Talaash Team) organized an Awareness Campaign on April 29-30,  2012 at Mumbai's Chhatrapatee Shivaji Terminus (CST).


The Purpose of the campaign was:


a)       To disseminate information and Knowledge to citizens on the issue of Child Protection


b)      To motivate people to come forward to help children who are in difficult situation and act against the people who are violating the rights of vulnerable children.

The Awareness Campaign was inaugurated by Mr Joshi, Senior  Station Manager-CST, Mr Ike- The  Police Sub Inspector (PSI), Government Railway Police (GRP),   Mr karandikar- The Assistant Station Manager, Mr Bhaskar Phad- (In charge of Coolies),  and Mr Kasim- Ticket Collector along with The  Associates.


To make the Campaign a memorable event we invited the Children who were repatriated back to their homes from CST Station and are progressing in their education field were appreciated for their success. They were honoured with Certificate of merit.


Various Methods were used to reach out to the people. Poster exhibition, Pamphlet distribution and street play etc.  Poster Exhibition covered issues like child labour, child abuse and problems of the street children and child rights. Along with this, throughout the day the Talaash team distributed pamphlets and with the help of street play sensitized people on how they could support the cause.

Civil citizens on large scale visited the Poster Exhibition and were inquiring on how they could be part of a support group for eradicating the evil trend of Child Sexual Abuse and Child Labour.  Street play depicted the evil atrocities committed against children. These plays were done on different locations at the Railway station which attracted the crowd.


This Campaign was a great success as we achieved to reach out to more than 10,000 people and were able to create awareness on CHILD PROTECTION.







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