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By: Cl. Kiran


KAPADVANJ-GUJARAT, MAY 11, 2013:  Don Bosco Kapadvanj had organized a vocation camp from May 01 to 07, 2013 for the boys who are aspiring to become a priest.


The Don Bosco House, Kapadvanj hosted the Vocation camp for the boys from Vernacular medium for the Mumbai Province. Br. Kiran from Nasik co-operated with Br. Shaun in organizing games and various classes. Students from Lonavala, Nilesh, Simon and Julion also rendered a big help. 


There were twenty nine boys who attended the camp. There were fifteen from Madhya Pradesh, ten from Gujarat, and three from Maharashtra and one from Rajasthan. This camp was an opportunity for the boys to know and learn more about Salesians and discern their calling to the Salesian religious vocation.


The camp began on a very good note as Don Bosco Kapadvanj was blessed with the presence of Bishop Thomas for the inaugural mass. He gave basic orientation to the camp.


In the homily, he expressed the need of religious vocation in the church. In a special way he expressed the need of priests in the diocese of Ahmedabad. After supper he made sure that he meets all the Gujarat candidates to have some friendly conversation with them.


The Camp actually started on May 02, 2013. During the course of the camp there were many fathers and brothers who came and shared their experiences about the kind of apostolate they are doing.


A special thanks to Fr. Pravin, Br. Anthony Manikam, Fr. James Tuscano, Fr. Gregory D'Almeida , Fr. Ashwin Macwan and Fr. Isaac for giving their valuable time and also encouraged the youth to join this kind of apostolate.


The focus was not only on youth work or towards priesthood but also towards social work and lay brotherhood which enabled them to think in a bigger perspective. There were other sessions also like knowing oneself and living life of happiness which was more important for their personal growth.


This camp gave an opportunity to the candidates to express themselves and know more about themselves. During the camp many activities were conducted which helped them to face an audience, thus building their self-confidence. The timetable was based on the daily house time-table of the year in order to maintain the daily routine of the house.


On the last two days, Fr. Mayank, Fr. Ivan, and Fr. Ranald interviewed the boys and got an overview of their experience here. They also made a note of their family background, prayer life and their ambitions.


At the end of the camp, candidates expressed their feeling and gratitude towards the fathers and brothers of the camp. For most of them, it was very enriching experience, and also very enjoyable stay. Most of them expressed that after the camp and the inputs given they would like to come to this place and also join the Salesian congregation.





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