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By: Celine Pereira
   NORTH ARABIAN VICARIATE MAY 20, 2013: On Saturday May 18, sixty-five parishioners who desired <![if !vml]><![endif]>to join the Lectors Ministry of the St Therese of the Child Jesus Church in the North Arabian Vicariate participated in "Readers of the Word of God" – a brief training session on reading skills. This training was conducted by Christopher Pereira with support from Rosario Fernandes.

In order to prepare parishioners who feel led to join the Lectors Ministry at the STCJ Church, the Ministry typically conducts the Lectors Training Course in two sessions – a Reading Skills session and a Spiritual Session.

This session was special as it was also attended by the Konkani and the Malayalam Music and Liturgical ministry members apart from the regular English congregation.

The session started with a humble prayer by one of the participants. During the session, our Lectors learned some reading tips including impact of preparing and practicing well, voice clarity, positioning of the microphone, positioning of themselves when reading, usage of eye contact, usage of speed, volume, tone, importance of intonations, emphasis, emotions, importance of correct pronunciation and how to be confident when reading. Great emphasis was placed on "Preparation and Practice".

"What really struck me was Rosario's statement – we are not just merely reading from the Bible, we are proclaiming the word of God. If we keep that in mind, all else will follow" said one participant.
After having discussed the technique and process, the Lectors-in-training were put through a practical session. We formed small groups and practiced reading to our mini group. We also received very helpful feedback. Then a representative from each group came forward and practiced reading to the larger group and received feedback too.

"This was a great learning exercise for us as we could observe others and become aware of some of our own shortcomings. It also helped us overcome stage-fright in a smaller group" said another participant.

"It was very inspiring to see the Malayalam readers reading in Malayalam in front of everyone, while the Konkani readers used the English readings for practice."

The session ended with a Thanksgiving prayer by one of the Malayalam community members asking God to shower all of us His Grace to proclaim the word of God well.

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