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By: Clement Mathera Sdb


TANAKHALA-GUJARAT, MAY 22, 2013: A summer club packed with English classes along with Basic Computer Course and loads of fun was organized at Don Bosco Tanakhala. There were one hundred and ten children of which majority were Adivasis who registered for the Club. About seventy-eighty of them were regular.


The children learnt English through serious classes taken in the morning and through the many enjoyable activities undertaken in the afternoons. We had thirty boarders both boys and girls staying with us. The day scholars came at 9:00 am in the morning and leave at 5pm. Special attention was given to both spoken and written English.


Fr. Rosario took extra effort to plan the whole Summer Club. He managed the show almost singlehandedly, looking after the food, timetable and lodging. Many people came to lend a helping hand. Volunteers - Aunty Grace, Priya, Mishel and Graina. Brothers Clement Mathera and Nelson Mudliar also came to help.


High spirited games were organized for the children. Dances and action songs enthused the children to take part actively. We had a grand program on the last day. Parents and friends were invited for the program. The children presented their talents through: Speeches in English, Action songs, dances and a skit presenting the situations showing the various problems and difficulties the people face in the villages-the manner in which the panchayat or the Gram Sabha is held when people present their problems before the leader or the Mukhiya.


We ended the program with the timli dance. Many people appreciated the effort put in for the summer club. People are expecting more activities of this sort in future.






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