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BIS Mumbai                                  


By: BIS Correspondent

ANDHERI-MUMBAI, May 15, 2013: Don Bosco Balprafulta organized a ten days outreach programme for the Care and Protection Of children and <![if !vml]><![endif]>Juveniles in conflict with law of Government run children's Home in Dongri from May 02 – 10, 2013.

The main objective was to train young children in scouting and imbibe Values which would enable them to empower themselves to face problems and build their inner self. This enabled our staff to interact with these children and help them enhance their innate potentialities.

The Programme included input sessions which were conducted in four batches. These sessions were more of a participatory learning activity designed to support a therapeutic process. The boys were shown the value of healing their past and to look positively to the near future.

The Input Sessions conducted by our staff included a lot of drawing and art work. The responses of the children were quite edifying and   they gave vent to their pent up emotions and expressed themselves freely through symbols and drawings.

The children were gradually introduced to scouting through clippings about Baden Powell camp life, scout prayer song, tent pitching, scouting as a worldwide movement and also use of basic knots. For this outreach Don Bosco Youth service (Matunga) lent their scouting tents which the children pitched. Tent pitching was very exciting.

In the activity schedule, an entire day was dedicated for the Juveniles in Conflict with law section too. Wherein the activities like hula hoop accompanied with music and dancing was conducted. They also screened a movie called 'Sahi Disha' (Right Direction) which imparted good values to lead a productive life. Through daily games, songs, yells and claps made the outreach programme an unforgettable experience for all these children.

<![if !vml]><![endif]>Another part of the schedule was Hair cutting session.  The boys who willingly wanted to trim their hair were given an opportunity to do so with the able guidance of Br. Michael one of our staff who was trained to cut the hair of the boys.  In all eighteen boys had the privilege to trim their hair.

The Children faces were lit up with joy and contentment they expressed their gratitude with their warmth and smiles. Children's Home became truly a child friendly Home which made a difference to these innocent lives. Truly this intervention was a fulfilling experience to our team in Don Bosco Balprafulta. The Children expressed their desire and wishes to our staff to conduct such programmes in the near future. This outreach did help our staff of the children's Home   to learn innovation skills on scouting and train the boys in self-discipline through this programme.
This entire outreach gave DBBP staff an insight into the hard realities of our children (boys), how they have landed here and how much they wish to return home. The entire outreach gave DBBP an insight and experience of how to conduct such programmes in the near future.

It was truly a journey that our whole staff collaborated and was fully present to these young children by giving their services and skill in making the Home a child friendly atmosphere.

The outreach was conducted by DBBP staff under the able guidance of Br. Michael Gaikwad sdb.

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