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By: Cl. Ian Pinto sdb


DIVYADAAN-NASHIK: JUNE 12, 2013: The new academic year, 2013-2014, began with the solemn Eucharistic celebration invoking the Holy Spirit on all the activities of the year ahead. The main celebrant was Fr. Michael Fernandes sdb, our provincial. The Capuchin provincial, Fr. Amrut Fonseca, was among the con-celebrants, besides other priests from the campus who enhanced its solemnity with their presence. Along with the students of Divyadaan, the novices (both SDB and FMA), sisters from neighbouring religious houses and other well-wishers of Divyadaan also participated in the function.


The Eucharistic liturgy was well animated and enlivened with the wonderful singing of the Divyadaan community. Fr. Michael Fernandes, the celebrant welcomed everybody to the new academic year and described in brief the life of St Barnabas, the saint of the day. In his homily, he highlighted the importance of the Holy Spirit and of the role it plays in our lives. He used the analogy of oil reserves that transformed the once poor Gulf countries to the wealthy and developed ones they are today to explain how the Holy Spirit can work wonders if we let Him. He stressed three prime virtues important especially for those in formation viz. gentleness, self-control and faithfulness. He went on to explain how practicing these three virtues well could lead to a wonderful and happy experience at Divyadaan.


After mass snacks and tea were served and the academic function commenced at the Fr. Vincent Vaz hall. The program began with the ceremonial lighting of the lamp and a hymn to the Holy Spirit. Fr. Savio D'Souza, the rector of Divyadaan, welcomed everybody to the community of Divyadaan and in a special way the students who will begin a new academic year.  Fr. Amrut Fonseca, the Capuchin provincial, unwrapped the Divyadaan handbook and presented a copy to each of the professors. The F.Y. BPh. students in four-voice harmony sang Cantate Domino (Sing to the Lord, Ps: 96) under the baton of Cl. Romero D'Souza.


The annual report was read by Fr. Robert Pen, the principal, highlighting the major features of the year gone by. Thereafter, the inaugural lecture was delivered by Mr Trevor Allis, professor of philosophy at Sophia College, Mumbai. The topic was 'Conceptualizing Justice: a Need-based approach'. Beginning with an analysis of the meaning of justice and differing conceptions among various schools of thought, he underlined the fact that justice is not the same as equality and then went on to distinguish between equality and equity.


Largely using the insights of John Rawls, he noted some of the practical outcomes that would ensue from a merit-based approach to justice vis-à-vis a need-based approach. His logical presentation and lucid approach made for a very interesting time of intellectual reflection and practical application. After the talk there was a brief time for questions and clarifications. The ceremony concluded with the vote of thanks presented by Cl. Nelson Mudaliar.


As Divyadaan voyages into a new year with new opportunities and expectations, both teachers and students are united in the endeavour to let the guidance of the Spirit lead to deeper understanding of the truth and knowledge in the areas of academics and formation.





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