Thursday, June 27, 2013


BIS Mumbai                                  


By: Ms. Sunita D'Souza


WADALA-MUMBAI, JUNE 27, 2013:  The Adhyayan Team, Quality Education Services Pvt. Ltd. was at the forefront yet again of another major educational program involving the four Salesian schools of Mumbai.  This time it was the Teachers Training Programme for the Salesian schools , "A Beginning of Team Workshop for Teachers of Salesian Schools."

The teachers from Dominic Savio High School Andheri, Don Bosco High School Matunga, Don Bosco High School Borivli and St. Joseph's High School Wadala assembled at St. Joseph's High School, Wadala for a seminar on June 10-11, 2013. 

A torrential downpour that stopped Mumbai in its tracks delayed the scheduled inaugural session by over an hour.

Having enrolled themselves at the registration counter and armed with special folders and writing materials, the participants marched into the auditorium for the inaugural session.

After a short prayer service, Ms. Nicole Britto, Vice-Principal of St. Joseph's, Wadala warmly welcomed the gathering with Fr. Crispino D'Souza Principal, Dominic Savio, Andheri introducing the resource personnel Adhyayan group of seven members headed by Mrs. Kavita to the assembly.  Mrs. Kavita addressed the teachers and spelt out the Adhyayan mission: "To Support the Growth and Development of Leading Teachers." 

In the first session, The RTE (Right to Education) and National Curriculum Framework (NCF) were highlighted by Ms. Kavita.  Working in small groups, the teachers acquainted themselves with one another through a game 'Human Bingo', and thereafter got down to serious business dissecting and comprehending the central ideas of the RTE and NCF.

An activity to grasp the finer points of the intriguing and widely embraced Gardner's theory of Multiple Intelligences was up next. The teachers were presented with the description of the seven multiple intelligences viz. linguistic, logistic/mathematical, musical, bodily/kinesthetic, spatial/visual, interpersonal and intrapersonal intelligences their typical roles, preferences, potential in society, related tasks, activities or tests in the classroom, and the preferred learning styles in school.

There were lively and creative presentations by groups based entirely on the specific multiple intelligences that further reinforced the theory and its practice. During the lunch break and tea sessions the teachers got an opportunity to interact with one another and share notes on their profession, hobbies and families.

On day two, the session that followed began with a prayer, and a talk by Mrs. Kavita that outlined the goals for leading teachers and how we could work towards achieving them. The two key skills of learning, i.e. planning and problem solving as an opportunity to do things differently were also highlighted. The teachers were grouped together to discuss certain key issues pertaining to education.

After lunch the group leaders presented in their unique style the key issues pertaining to education that came up for discussion in their respective groups. An in-depth analysis made in the groups relating to issues such as absence of punishment and failure, student-teacher ratio, teacher ability, systems and time constraints were a feature of the presentations by the group representatives. 


During the last session of the seminar, which was again a group activity, each teacher made a personal commitment to introduce change in his/her classroom teaching methods. The teachers shared in groups their own personal commitments that they felt would suit and foster learning in class.  At a feedback session that followed, the teachers thanked the Adhyayan team for their guidance and expertise that make learning a 'quality defined' method.

Fr. Bosco Principal of Don Bosco High School, Matunga and the Adhyayan team thanked the management of the host school, Fr. Bernard Fernandes, Fr. Allwyn Misquitta, and Ms. Nicole who ensured a smooth sailing of this programme! Ms. Meera from the Adhyayan Team was impressed by the spirited participation of the entire group of teachers.  Ms. Kavita wished the teachers a fruitful, fun-filled and quality-based interactive teaching and learning journey ahead! And that is where we are headed for this year!






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