Wednesday, June 5, 2013

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By: Cl. Sachin

KAPADVANJ-GUJARAT, JUNE 05, 2013: Don Bosco, Kapadvanj organized a one week course on 'The basic English Language' in four villages of ;Kapadvanj block. Children are a special gift of God. They are a sign of sincerity and purity, spreading love, peace and joy everywhere. They inspire everyone around them to live life cheerfully and honestly.

In order to help and guide the village children, Br. Kiran Ruptake and Br. Sachin Tribhuvan conducted the Basic English Language Course in four villages and it was attended by one hundred kids.

Br. Kiran went to Bapujinamuvada and Gadiyara while Br. Sachin conducted in Meerapura and Chaptiya. Basically the course was designed to learn the Basic English Language which is very necessary for daily life communication. Besides teaching them the English language, brothers made these classes more interesting by teaching them to sing English hymns, party songs, action songs, to dance and craft work etc.

The village people are very friendly and hospitable. Everyday a warm welcome was accorded by the villagers that made the brothers feel at home. The life style of the villagers is very simple and sober. At the end of the course, the villagers and the students were grateful to the brothers and Don Bosco institute for organizing such a meaningful activity for first time in these villages. They are eager to have similar camps conducted in the villages every year.

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