Monday, July 1, 2013


By: Cl. Renold Lemos

JHABUA-GUJARAT, JUNE 30, 2013: Jyoti Bhavan Hostel Jhabua swung back into action as hostel reopened on June 30, 2013.

To begin on a good note, we had a meeting with the parents of our students at hostel A.V. Hall, Jhabua. There were a total of ninety-five parents present for this meeting. The meeting commenced at 2:00 pm with a prayer, imploring the graces necessary to carry out God's will in our work of educating young entrusted to our care.

After prayer Fr. Royal D'Abreo, incharge of the hostel, welcomed the parents and students, especially the newcomers.

Later in the meeting Fr. Pratap Damor explained to the gathering the purpose of this meeting and reminded them about the rules and regulations of Jyoti Bhavan Hostel. He also informed the parents that, they too are responsible for the growth of the students.

During the meeting parents were also given time to put forth their queries and doubts about the upbringing of their children in our hostel.

We were happy to see everyone's parents present at this meeting. We are now looking forward to have a fruitful and enriching experience with our boys, leading them to be good Christians and honest citizens.

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