Tuesday, July 23, 2013

BIS #3575 The Shaan of Don Bosco

By Shourish Khade & Rohit Oze



BORIVILI- MUMBAI, JULY 22, 2013: On the 19th of July, 2013, the occasion of Ashad Pournima, a patriotic singing competition was organized. Children from all the four houses of the middle school took part in the competition. The teachers in charge of the various houses trained the boys for the competition. Finally after all the pain and trouble taken by the participants as well as the teachers, the participants performed flawlessly on stage. The audience as well as the judges Mrs. Renita D'souza and Mr. Mandar Apte, were glad to see such an impressive performance.

All the performances were equally good but the judges had to choose one house as the winner. The 'green house' immerged winners while the 'yellow house' had to settle for the runner up position. Winning the patriotic singing competition was like a feather in their cap for the boys of the 'green house' – The SHAAN of Don Bosco.

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