Tuesday, July 23, 2013


by  Cl. Renold Lemos


JHABUA- M.P. JULY 23, 2013: One hundred and five students from various parts of Jhabua Diocese joined Jyoti Bhavan Hostel for the current academic year 2013- 2014. As part of education in social responsibility and self-governance, the students were given an opportunity to set up their own governing system. The students were divided into six groups, known as Villages. Each group sat separately and elected their village leader called the 'Sarpanch.' All the Sarpanches took over the animation of their respective villages, by selecting a suitable name for their own village. The management (Central Government) chose one member from each village and appointed them as Gramseveks. Further on the Sarpanches and Gramseveks held a village meeting to appoint five members, who could be representing five different departments like sports, liturgy, labour, art and culture. These MLA's in turn elected their respective Ministers. Later on the Sarpanches and Ministers who were eligible for the posts of CM (Chief Minister) and Deputy Chief Minister, made a spirited speech to campaign themselves. The Gramseveks distributed the ballet papers for the election. It was a pulsating moment for everyone as the counting progressed. Finally, Sourabh Dodiyar was elected as the Chief Minister and Lucky Mavi took over as Deputy Chief Minister. Gramseveks in their turn elected Mahesh Bhuriya as Chief Secretary of this newly formed Youth Panchayat.

Most of the students come from socially and economically disadvantaged situations, so to them a mere exercise of participating in such election was educative and empowering. Through this Youth Panchayat, the unlimited scope for developing leadership is thrown open, not only these youth build self-confidence but also they assist in running the house activities at Jyoti Bhavan Hostel.

Congratulations to all our newly elected leaders and Ministers of Jyoti Bhavan Hostel Jhabua.

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