Friday, July 26, 2013


by BIS correspondent 


SUKET- RAJASTHAN, JULY 26, 2013:  The Provincial Visitation to the community, Parish and School at Suket on 15th July, 2013 was indeed set on a different mode of operation. It was a trio venture of the Provincial, Vice Provincial and the Economer. At 9:30 a.m. Fr. Provincial had the opening conference followed by meeting Fr. Stanny and Fr. James on a personal level.

Fr. Provincial, Fr. Ajoy and Fr. Elson were warmly welcomed and thanked, by the students of Don Bosco School, for all the support and concern shown to the Suket community. Both Fr. Provincial and Fr. Ajoy addressed the students of the school in the morning, followed by the staff meeting. 

Fr. Provincial addressed the staff and told them the importance of a teacher and urged them to be faithful to their task. In the afternoon, Fr. Elson had a chat with the workers while Fr. Ajoy guided the youth of the Parish. Fr. Provincial met the Parish council, as Fr. Ajoy and Fr. Elson inspected the files of the School, Church and the House. The Alcoholic Anonymous group was given a word of encouragement by the Provincial team. Many parishioners came for the felicitation and bid farewell to the Provincial team as they left for Mumbai in the evening.

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