Wednesday, July 31, 2013


by Cl. Mavron Fernandes 


KARJAT, JULY 30, 2013: In this busy-busy world where everyone is rushing around to meet the deadlines and setting new targets, it was wonderful to see 21 young volunteers of a corporate entity – 'Accenture' who deliberately took time off to come to Don Bosco Yuva Sanstha, Karjat on 27th July 2013.

Defying the pouring rains and pot-holed roads they travelled the distance and reached DBYS around 11:30 am. Without showing any signs of fatigue right away they got into the business for which they had come i.e. to know and learn about the life of the disadvantaged youth and also to get a first-hand account of eco-promotion. Seeing their enthusiasm Fr. Xavier passionately unfolded the situation of these youth and the positive empowerment process that takes place at the centre.

They were absolutely wonderstruck by the transformation brought about in the trainees within a short period of three months. Like eager students they had many queries and were happy to get a meaningful response. Being a part of the consultancy corporate, they came up with many meaningful suggestions. Switching gears Fr. Xavier continued to lead them into the subject of care and protection of mother earth. Each example depicting recycling, reusing and converting the wealth in garbage impressed them very much. Like little children eager to see the eco-projects they followed the walking tour of the eco-park. They were thrilled to visit the bottle garden, the lateral watering and the eco-garden. Since the time was short they were taken to the workshop to see the trainees in action. They appreciated the simple but effective methodology of the training imparted. They interacted with the trainees with genuine empathy and interest. This was followed by a short play staged by the trainees in English. This was the fruit of Br. Savio and Mavron's intense effort to train them in spoken English. The visitors could not believe that all this they could have learnt in these few days of their stay. With thunderous claps and good cheer they appreciated the trainees' efforts.

Before concluding the visit the volunteers sat together to pool in the possibilities of greater net-working, to bridge the immense resources in the community, to reach the needy. The members made personal commitment to offer their best to enhance this effective model of youth empowerment. Though the time was short the experience was intense.

Another interesting note is that this venture was planned and made possible by none other than a Past Pupil of Don Bosco Kurla, Mr. Harmit Singh. With hearts filled with joy and gratitude the group left the DBYS with a promise that this is only a beginning and we will meet again with concrete project for the youth.

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