Wednesday, July 31, 2013


by Cl. Clarence Martis 


MATUNGA-MUMBAI, JULY 31 2013: Don Bosco Boarding, Matunga celebrated Parents Day on Sunday, 28th July 2013. It was 'visiting Sunday' that brought parents to witness a short but well prepared concert to honour them. The boys from each of the classes put up a stunning performance with their skit, dance, song and poem. The Rector, Fr. Wilfred D'Souza in his address to the parents thanked Fr. Richard D'Souza who was graciously present. Parents were told how the boys could celebrate the Sacrament of Confession every week, thanks to him. He also thanked the Assistants, Bros. Clarence and Justus for their hard work with the boarders.

He mentioned to the parents the various activities that the boarders take part in, and how the boarding gives an all-round development. He urged the parents to be an integral part of this development of their sons. After this there was an open session and parents were invited to share opinions. The program helped them to know how much their sons are loved; and they appreciated all that their children receive at the boarding. The compere concluded thanking the parents on behalf of all the boarders for their role in their life and added:  "We love you and you are precious to us".

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