Wednesday, July 31, 2013


by BIS correspondent 


BORIVLI-MUMBAI, JULY 31, 2013: Don Bosco High School Borivli celebrated English Day with an elocution competition on 26th July; 2013. English is truly a Global Language. If we recognize the names of famous authors, poets and playwrights like William Shakespeare, Ruskin Bond etc., it's primarily because we have learnt how to read and understand the English language over the years. Together with our parents at home and teachers in school who have helped us to journey from ABC to more complex words and phrases. Today our vocabulary has surpassed BAT- Bat and CAT- Cat.  As we have grown, our word bank has grown too and we definitely need to thank our language teachers for accompanying us on our journey of discovering new words.

The judges were Mr. Andrew Salazar, Mr, Saurabh Mistry and Mrs. Aloma Rego. The topics given to each class were:

Std 5 - Fairy – tale characters in a modern situation

Std 6 - Narration of a fantasy dream sequence

Std 7 - A conversation between a student and an author/ poet/ playwright

Std 8 - A Dialogue on a current issue

Std 9 - Humorous news report with a twist

Std 10 - Family discord and their situation

The students were judged on their clarity, diction, voice modulation, originality, creativity of their piece, audience response etc. It was an ideal platform for the students to showcase their oratory skills.

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