Wednesday, July 31, 2013


by BIS correspondent 


WALUJ- AURANGABAD, JULY 31, 2013: Rt. Rev. Bishop Edwin Colaco visited BGVK – Waluj (Aurangabad) on 29th June 2013. He was very keen in knowing about the activities that would be undertaken in BGVK – Waluj and was interested in using the facilities provided here for the diocese as well.  He was particularly thrilled to know that a seminar towards organic farming was organized for the farmers recently and that 40 farmers had profited from this program.  During lunch he inquired about other programs, facilities and activities organized by BGVK, Waluj and encouraged them to continue the good work. He asked us them to keep him informed about their activities so that he could also ask his parish priests to avail of the wonderful programs undertaken in this institute towards empowerment of farmers and the youth of the marathwada region. 

His maiden visit to the center has given BGVK the necessary boost to continue to work towards fulfilling the objectives in the marathwada region.

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May God Bless and guide for His people who really need help