Saturday, August 3, 2013


Fr. Bento D'Souza & Dr. Emilio Benavente G. P. 


BHINGAR, August 3, 2013:  From afar, everyone looks healthy, hale and hearty, but not. From, 8th – 24th July 2013, two Argentinian volunteers, Dr. Litto and Dr.Bellen, visited the outstations of the Bhingar parish checking the people and prescribing vital medical drugs to them. The camp was conducted before or after Mass in the villages. This project was a combined effort of the BGVK and St. John's parish to respond to the medical needs of all the people.

The villages visited and the number of people diagnosed in each village are as follows:

In Deugaov, (8th July), among twelve patients examined, one had pneumonia.

In Tokewadi (9th July), among the twenty three examined, besides one case of pneumonia, a serious food infection, rheumatoid arthritis and one women was suspected of leprosy.

In Khandke (10th July), among osteoarthritis, muscular pain and skin infection, the team was alerted to a serious food infection, rheumatoid arthritis and one women having a cervical fracture. In all, forty patients were checked up.

In Mathany (11th July), among nineteen patients, Polyarthralgia, cold and osteoarthritis was found.

In Rathadgaon (12th July), out of the ten patients checked up, alert was raised on the prevalence of Osteoarthritis, Muscular pain, bronchitis and Gastritis.

1n Agardgaon village (13th July), out of the sixty four patients tested, besides hypertension and malnutrition, epilepsy, leprosy, thyroid nodules, papules, and varicose veins was diagnosed.

In the Bhingar parish (14th July), thirty seven patients were checked, besides the common ailments, peripheral vascular problems and chronic pulmonary obstructive disease was discovered.

At Devalgaon Ghat (15th July), of fifty two patients checked, pneumonia, cold, bronchitis, muscular pain and skin infections was diagnosed.

In Narayandoah (18th July), of the seventeen patients diagnosed, tendonitis, cold parasitism and epilepsy was found.  In Kolewadi, twenty three patients were checked up and muscular pain, bronchitis, lumbago, and a gluteous abscess in a girl-child was diagnosed.

In Kavadgaon (19th July), thirty eight patients were checked up and cold, parasitism, and Gastritis was diagnosed.

At Mandovgan, Gosalwadi, Srigonda Taluka (24th July), thirty one patients were checked up and bronchitis, cold and gastritis were diagnosed.

Alerts were raised about the status of some critical patients and further referrals to local or special doctors was advised. The total number of patients screened and examined amounted to 371 in a total of eleven days. This is the present status of the medical health of the people in the mother-church, the 162 year old Bhingar mission. Medicines were given to all and the patients were exhorted to take care of their own health by taking prescribed doses of medicine.

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