Monday, August 5, 2013


by Bento D'Souza 


BHINGAR, AUGUST 5, 2013: On Sunday, 4th August 2013, the feast of St. Marie John Vianney, patron of priests was celebrated at St John the Baptist Church. The celebration took place during both the morning Marathi and evening English masses. Vianney Sunday is an occasion when Catholics honour and celebrate the gift of Priests in a parish community.

The parish council organised satkar for the two priests in the parish including Fr. Sijju, SJ Fr. Jamesan Thomas and Deacon Joseph, Vincentians who concelebrated the mass. Bro Ramesh Durairaj animated the homily. The youth choir sang for the occasion.

In the evening, Mr. Vianney Carvalho on behalf of the Pumpkin House and the people in Church presented bouquets to Frs. Nelson and Bento, recited a prayer & sang a song for the Priests. All the priests who work whole heartedly at Bhingar were welcomed for fellowship and supper.

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