Monday, August 12, 2013


by Bento D'Souza 

BHINGAR, AUGUST 12, 2013: On the 9th of August about forty parishioners attended the Arogya Prarthana at St John the Baptist, Church, Bhingar from 4 pm. to 9 pm. The evening began with recitation of the Rosary and Litany, followed by celebration of the Holy Eucharist with an inspiring sermon, after the mass was over testimonies were shared, the service finally concluded with healing prayer and adoration by the Parish Priest Fr. Nelson Falcao.

Fr Jameson Thomas, Vincentian, the evangelized preacher animated the gathering and spoke to them about the surprising ways of the Spirit and how we need to pray for it to work wonders in our lives. Many participants experience freedom from bondages and release of the spirit in their mundane lives.

By the end of the service everyone left feeling blessed and at peace.

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