Monday, August 12, 2013


by Jerome. Aruldass. Edison 


DAKOR-GUJARAT, AUGUST 12, 2013: A study guidance program was organized on the 11th of August 2013 in Don Bosco Dakor School. Fr. Mayank from Don Bosco, Kapadvanj organized this session for the boys and girls of standard 10th. He wanted the children to study their subjects with understanding according to their capabilities. He reminded it's time to study in a cool manner.

In his session he maintained that being students we tend to be apprehensive about tests and exams. Fr. Mayank provided simple methods to study for the students through a PowerPoint presentation, followed by an interactive session with the students. He determined to make them aware of their abilities and potentials towards studies. He introduced the students to some practical methods of studying such as preparing timetable for everyday study. He explained to them the 'WHY' of an examination, which becomes an opportunity to explore one's capabilities.  Moreover, he requested confidence in place of fear.   

Finally the students of standard 10th appreciated the value of exams with the help of this session. It enabled them to plan study sessions in an effective manner.

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