Wednesday, August 14, 2013


by BIS correspondent 


NERUL-MUMBAI, AUGUST 14, 2013: Civic sense is that basic feature of our personality which differentiates humans from animals. Students of class VII-C under the supervision of Pankaj Sir presented a common civic sense program on the 6thof August, 2013, focussing on 'LITTERING'.

36 students participated in this program. The program started with a prayer followed by the School Anthem. It included a power-point presentation, a skit and an action song, structured and delivered seamlessly. The program effectively spread the message - "STOP LITTERING".

Father Anthony gave the 'Good Morning Talk'. Sumitra Adhikari, the teacher in-charge proposed the Vote of Thanks.

The programme concluded with valuable instructions from the Principal, Father Anthony followed by the National Anthem.

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