Thursday, August 22, 2013


by BIS correspondent

NERUL-MUMBAI, AUGUST 22, 2013: Don Bosco's Birthday was celebrated with devotion from 6th to 16th August, 2013. The program was organized by Cass VII A, XI & XII commerce.

Ms. Annie Gomez and Ms. Davinder Kaur Saini were in-charge of the programme and they trained the students to narrate the stories of Don Bosco under the guidance of Supervisor Pankaj Rai. The stories were based on Don Bosco's encounter with few youngsters like John Cagliero, Michael Magone, Michael Rua and Charles Gastini.

The students listened to the stories after the prayer in their respective class rooms. Throughout the week students were enlightened by sweet effectiveness of Don Bosco's method through Power Point presentations.

The students were able to understand that the life of these youngsters had changed because of the privilege they had of living close to Don Bosco and tasting the effectiveness of his teachings.The students gained moral values like honesty, caring, obedience through the stories narrated.

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