Wednesday, August 28, 2013


MATUNGA-MUMBAI,AUGUST 28,2013: The Parents Teachers Association of Don Bosco School, Matunga held a meeting on 24.08.2013 at 2.30 p.m. in the School Premises in the presence of  the Manager, Principal and other staff members in light of the incident which happened on 19.08.2013 wherein a mob from a political party barged in the school premises during the lunch recess and into the Principal's office. They raised protest with regard to the false allegation of some Parents of the school children being forced to teach the students and also to the false allegation of compulsory contribution being sought from the parents of the school children.

The P.T.A members expressed their admiration and support for the Education and other facilities being provided by the school for decades. The P.T.A members also took strong objection to the fact that a political party trespassed into the school premises and sought to interfere into the working of the school. It was opined that if there was any complaint or grievance the same should have been placed before the P.T.A as also the School Management to have the same resolved and if the parent was still dissatisfied he could complain to the Education Board for resolving the same and there is no scope for any outside political interference in the working of the Educational Institution.

It is clarified by P.T.A that no parent was ever forced to teach in the school but only during the absence of the teacher sent for mandatory training provided by the B.M.C/State Government that some parents volunteered to mind the class for a few sessions and on few occasions and no teaching session was held by any such parent.

With regard to the allegation of compulsory contribution all members clarified that there was no compulsion with regard to contributions for the various activities like Sports, Cultural Festivals, Annual Day, Upgradation of education facilities, to name a few. All contribution have always been voluntary. Various facilities being provided at Don Bosco Matunga is a prime reason for enrolling their children in this Institution. All contributions are for co-curricular activities which have always benefited the students of Don Bosco.

Strong protest was registered with regard to disgruntled parents approaching a political party for redressal of grievance inspite of grievance redressal mechanism being available in the institution itself.
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