Friday, August 30, 2013


by BIS correspondent 

LONAVLA- MAHARASHTRA, AUGUST 30, 2013:  What was meant to be a regular exhibition of the traditional 'Pot-breaking practice' on the eve of Gokulashtami turned out to be a day of glory for eighteen students of Std. VIII of Don Bosco Lonavla. The Kaivalyadham Vidyaniketan School - Lonavla organised an Inter school Dahi-handi Competition on their grounds on 29th August 2013. The two participating teams were from the hosting school and Don Bosco Lonavla respectively. The event began with the felicitation of the Chief Guest Mr. Kadu, BJP leader and social worker and Ms. Bhosale, the Principal of Kaivalyadham Vidyaniketan.

A short presentation on the origins of the feast of Janmashtami and the life of Lord Krishna followed the felicitation. The team from Don Bosco Lonavla was supposed to break the pot first after lots were drawn in their favour. The rules of the competition were explained to the participating teams. According to the rules each team would get 3 chances to break the pot. Each team had to make the pyramid formation and every attempt had a maximum time limit of 6 minutes. Before breaking the pot, both the teams had to do the customary salute in the pyramid formation. This practice of making the salute itself boosted the confidence of the participating teams.

When the Don Bosco team, under the guidance of their coach, Saurabh Khillare, began their first attempt, the pot, hanging 12 feet high seemed out of reach and the continuous splashing of water also took a toll on the human pyramid. The team from Kaivalyadham was the next to make an attempt but also failed in reaching the pot. In their second attempt, Don Bosco School changed strategy and replaced their 'Govinda' to Ashish Jadhav. Ashish reached the pot but found the pot too tough to be broken with bare hands. This was followed by another unsuccessful attempt by Kaivalyadham. In their third attempt, the Don Bosco team was provided with a baton to break the pot, the Govinda of the Don Bosco team courageously leapt to reach the pot when he realised the pyramid was crumbling. Although he did not break the pot, his courage and the spirit of the team had already won the hearts of the judges and they were declared the winners of the Dahi-Handi competition. Since the pot had to be broken, it was lowered for the runners-up team, who was also exhausted but completed the pyramid and broke the pot ceremoniously.

At the end of the event, the Principal of Kaivalyadham Vidyaniketan was all praise for the courage and showmanship of the participating teams. The students of Don Bosco team were elated with the exultation and praise they received and were eager to show a better performance next year.

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