Friday, August 30, 2013


by BIS correspondent 

BORIVALI-MUMBAI, AUGUST 30, 2013: Science… Oh how vividly it paints human life! Oh how wonderfully it slakes curiosity's thirst!

Science is thus an integral part of our existence. It explains everything from how we are born to why our Universe is what it is today. A scientific temperament is therefore a must to survive in today's world. A Science Club in a school is an ideal platform to inculcate this virtue and foster a spirit of enquiry. Don Bosco High School – Borivali, inaugurated its Science Club on the 30th of August 2013.

It was a beginning on a truly positive note. The traditional lamp was lit to invoke God's blessings. The dignitaries' present- Fr. Rector, Fr. Administrator and Miss Chausheela Pujare were given saplings as a token of life and beauty. Fr. Rector delivered an insightful address about Man's relation with Science. A skit showed how a sound scientific temperament can eradicate blind beliefs. The members of the Science Club were introduced to all present.

The establishment of the science club was possible only because of the untiring efforts of Miss Diana and Miss Venessa, who are the guiding lights of the Club.

After the program, the first activity of the Science Club commenced. It was a game of scientific dumb charades, wherein an unlabelled diagram was drawn and the students had to try and guess the terms. There was tremendous competition between the Isaac Newton's, the Thomson's, the Robert Hooke's and the Edwin Aldrins. The Aldrins emerged winners. Finally Fr. Baptist – our Administrator along with the students planted a sapling.


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