Tuesday, September 3, 2013


by Charlene Gibbs 

LONAVLA, September 2, 2013: On the 31st of August 2013, the SYM members of DBYS set out for Don Bosco Lonavla, for a weekend full of fun and frolic. On arrival, the rector - Fr. Solomon addressed the youth and extended a warm welcome to them. After lunch, the enthusiastic group marinated a pigling (renamed SYGgie the Pyggie in honour of the Salesian Youth Group) to be barbecued for dinner.

After the BBQ preparations were done, the group set out on foot for Bushi dam, enjoying a beautiful walk through the green hills and cool drizzle. The walk took a bit of effort but was worth it. The icy water gushing down the steps of the dam revived the exhausted youth as they splashed about in it. After a hot cup of tea, they started their return journey eagerly looking forward to the BBQ party. SYGgie was royally roasted, with the youth singing, making humorous comments and having fun. Dinner was preceded by a thanksgiving prayer for all the wonderful experiences of the day.

On Sunday, the group participated in the Holy Eucharist presided by Fr. Glenn, along with the boys from the boarding. After Mass, the group set out on a hike to Tungarli Dam and to Microwave hill. It was a steep climb up mountains and along winding tracks - an adventure everyone enjoyed and will treasure forever. The scenic panorama of the valley below was simply breathtaking and serene. To top it all, Mr. Chris J. Ndallo, the director of Tanzania Youth Cultural Exchange Network (TYCEN) who joined the group on this trip, shared his memories of being in a Salesian school in Tanzania and his experience of heading an NGO that empowers youth through networking across countries.

Before the group left, they played a football match with the boarders. They then trekked to the railway station to catch a train back to Mumbai, rejuvenated and ready to get on with their busy schedules.

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