Thursday, September 12, 2013


by Andrea Vaz

KURLA-MUMBAI, SEPTEMBER 11, 2013: On the 23rd of August, 2013, a Book Review presentation was organised for the first year Management students of Don Bosco institute of Technology – MMS, Kurla. Prof. Conrad Saldanha, the Principal, Advisor coached the students. The students were given 3 weeks for preparation. The main purpose of the book presentation was to encourage the students to read the books, understand the key concepts and examine their application in the business environment.

The books reviewed included:

1.         Zara and her sisters - Enrique  Badia

2.         Enterprise Social Technology – Scott Klososky

3.         Likeonomics - Rohit Bhargava

4.         Judgement Calls – Thomas  H. Davenport

5.         One click – Richard L. Brandt   

6.         New age Entrepreneurs – Mint business series

7.         Tata Log –Harish Bhatt

8.         Why People Fail – Simon Reynolds

9.         Toyota Culture – Jeffrey .K. Liker

10.       Indianomix – Vivek Dehejia and Rupa Subramanya

The judges were: Fr.Mario Vaz, Executive Director, Professor Leslie Rebello,

Prof. Sunil Madhok, Ms. Immaculate Fernandes, and Mr. Roscoe Dsouza. Professor Pranjal Mule was also present. 

The Book Review was a very challenging and a fruitful experience as many of the students were doing this for the first time. Each presentation of a book was made interesting, digestible as well as enlightening.

The entire session was an exchange of unique learning and their application. The students were highly appreciated for their efforts as they succeeded in understanding the key concepts as well as tried to see how those concepts had been applied in the Indian industry and how they could be applied to Don Bosco Centre for Learning.

The session concluded with feedback from the respective judges who highlighted areas for improvement and motivated the students to read and reflect. The flavour of the outcome of this exercise has been captured through a few shared comments by the students who participated in the book presentation.

"The book review was a first for me .We initially had our share of hiccups. But going deeper into it, we learned a lot even about Amancio Ortega's entrepreneurial and social skills."(Zara And Her Sisters)                                                     -Ruchelle Fernandes 

"The Book Review was a wonderful experience. I got to learn new concepts and Mr. Conrad Saldanha also helped me with concepts that were difficult to comprehend. I am sure it will help me in the long run."    (Enterprise Social Technology)                     -Anisha Anthony

"I learned to be in a team and learnt various things like seriously considering suggestions, opinions and views of my team members. It encouraged me to read books as it helped me gain knowledge and improve my language." (Indianomix)               -Stephy Sol

"I learned about what an entrepreneur has to go through while setting up a business. The book was inspirational and talked about values such as hard work, self-confidence and taking risks."(New Age Entrepreneurs)              -Wilson Sequeira

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