Friday, September 13, 2013


by Bento D'Souza 
AHMEDNAGAR, SEPTEMBER 12, 2013: On 8th September, 2013, more than hundred youth gathered for the Basic Christian Youth-Training Workshop. The workshop began with the rite of the lighting of the lamp and singing of a bhajan.
At the beginning of the session the group was asked about their expectations from BCY. They were also asked as to what sessions they would like to have during the course of the year.  "Draw my life" a poster drawing exercise was conducted, where the youth had to draw and explain their life goals.
Fr. Nelson took the session on the Dynamics of Motivation Exercise in groups. Followed by Ms. Aucilia who took a session on 'Six Study Formulas' and 'The Employment/Career set of skills needed'. Mr. Kiran Shelke conducted a session on 'Preparation of students for employability'. Mr.Tushar Ranavare spoke about careers in Photography, Videography and Drama. Mr Victor Mavely worked on the dance and choreography careers.
A Question Box was held and a Panel Discussion followed giving the youth ample time to sort out their issues and queries about the future. A Role Play was Planned on the Topic: Who is an the Ideal youth? Or what are the dangers to life of young people?  3 minutes was given to each group to perform. The three judges evaluated the performances. 
Group work:
1. Preparation for cultural program on 22nd Sept. Foundation day was chalked out and time to practice was given animated by Dance academy trainer, Victor Mavely.
2. Planning the year ahead – ambitions as a group: Awards were discussed and worked towards.
The final session was based on creating a road map for success and personal resolutions to succeed. Feedback was sung in Antakshari style– about happenings of the day's program.

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