Saturday, September 14, 2013


by BIS Correspondent

LONAVLA- MAHARASHTRA, SEPTEMBER 14, 2013: The School and Junior College of Don Bosco Lonavla conducted a Hindi Elocution for its students on 13th September, 2013. The co-ordinator for the competition was the Hindi teacher, Ms. Sunita Sonawane. The competition was divided into three parts: the first being recitation of stories by students from Stds. V to VII; speeches by students from Std. VIII - X and the third part also had speeches but by students from Stds. XI and XII.
 The competition was judged by Mrs. Lakshmi Dalvi, a Post Graduate from Symbiosis Institute and a Hindi teacher; Dr. Garote, a PhD in Physical Education from Mumbai University and a well-known Yoga Instructor and Fr. Solomon Rapol, Rector of Don Bosco High School and Junior College Lonavla. The students of Stds. V to VII began the Elocution competition by reciting interesting stories in Hindi. One of the judges remarked and appreciated the fact that all the stories recited were folk stories of India.
The second group comprising of students from Stds. VIII - X presented speeches on diverse topics like environment, women's rights and political issues. The next group of students also deliv
ered speeches on different topics but the common thread running through most of their speeches was the importance or the use of Hindi in the modern colloquy and how the influence of the Western culture has adulterated the Hindi language. Pure and pristine Hindi is now a rare phenomenon and hence the need to revive the language and literature. 
Though difficult to judge, the winners were rewarded based on their choice of topic, clarity of speech and manner of deliverance. Shashank Rajavat of Std. VII took the first prize in the V-VII category for his story on the thoughts of a bird. Mrityunjay Chikne of Std. IX grabbed the first place in the VIII-X category for his speech on the sanctimonious attitude of a lazy man and Shraddha Singh of Std. XI Science won the seniors category for her speech on the evil of abortion.
Before the prize distribution, one of the judges, Dr. Garote gave an interesting insight on what language really is and how each language has its own beauty. He also admonished all the students to speak only the language that is appropriate and fitting to the place and situation; in short to give each language its rightful due. The competition ended with a vote of thanks, appreciating the participants as well as the organizing team for the efforts they put in to make the event successful.

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