Wednesday, September 18, 2013


by BIS correspondent 

BORIVLI - MUMBAI, SEPTEMBER 17, 2013: Don Bosco Junior College organised a self-defence workshop for women on 17th September, 2013. The workshop was conducted by United Social Development Foundation. Mr. Martial Vout, a Swiss self-defence instructor and Mr. Manish Gray, Indian instructor conducted the workshop on instinctive, easiest and the most effective fighting method.

The goal of this workshop was to help women defend themselves and avoid being harassed. During workshop Mr. Martial Vout insisted on the link between women's attitude in everyday life and efficient response in case of an assault. A woman who is too submissive at home and at her work place will not be able to let her survival instinct work the day she has to fight against an aggressor. Mr. Martial Vout further said that there are two weapons which women should use. First is her brain and second her feet. He also taught and demonstrated various tricks and strategies by which women can protect themselves.

The workshop ended with a vote of thanks.

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