Saturday, October 12, 2013


by Cl. Avil Correa SDB

NASHIK-MAHARASHTRA, OCTOBER 11, 2013: The community of Divyadaan came together joyously and celebrated the gift of Mother Mary through the Marian Nite. This event marked the culmination of a glorious Marian Month – an annual period set aside to honour and venerate our 'tainted nature's solitary boast' – Mother Mary.

The traditional night of fun and learning dedicated specially to Mother Mary, as part of the ongoing Marian month, was organized by the liturgy group (Cls. Nathaneal, Nazarius, Joyston, Allwyn, Avil, Felix, Thomas J, Reynold, Lawrence, Nevelle, and Jacob). The rest of the community was divided into 6 teams viz. Beads, 2 Columns, 3 Martyrs, Shepherds, Handkerchiefs, and Gifts (The team names represented the various dreams of Don Bosco).

The event began with a prayer service during which the teams lead by Fr. Rector holding Our Lady marched in a candle light procession to the lobby of the new academic block where the rest of the function was to be held. After placing our Lady statue on the stand Fr. Rector declared the Marian Nite open. The nite was marked with a whole lot of fun filled activities focused on our Lady. The creative games and the ads based on the names of the teams kept the whole event going. The games were based on the enriching facts known through the Bible, the Breviary, the Constitutions of the Society of St. Francis of Sales, The CCC, etc. Some of the interesting activities were – the Marian Linotype, Shrine Positioning System, Marian Cross stitch, Marian Morse Code, Help the detective find Mary, Superimposed Marian puzzles to name a few (a must mention that most of the games were produced by brothers of the liturgy group).

Each of the staff members participated whole heartedly in the event. They were just like young seminarians – making each activity as if it were a life saving event! One would actually have to participate in this energizing fun-filled evening to get the essence of the entire event.

The team 3 Martyrs turned out to be the winners after a rather challenging competition with the other teams. Fr. Matthew distributed the prizes to all the teams. The Rector, Fr Savio D'Souza sdb commended the efforts of the liturgy group under the guidance of the Brother Assistant (CL. Romero D'Souza) and said that it was indeed a night that brought the whole community together and was indeed a blessing to the community.

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