Saturday, October 19, 2013


by Sharon Quadros

VIRAR-MUMBAI, OCTOBER 18, 2013: On the 13th of October, the Youth and the parishioners of Resurrection Church, Virar East,  took part in a solemn Rosary procession along with the Statue of our Lady.

The procession began from the church where at first, the parish priest, Rev. Fr. Lawrence D'Souza sdb, spoke about how beautiful it was to honour our heavenly Mother on the feast of Our Lady of Fatima. The Church filled with parishioners and the Youth, in unison began to recite the Holy Rosary which was led by Master Manfred Fernandes, a youth member. There were intentions prayed for in every mystery of the rosary. A Marian hymn was sung after every decade.

The solemn procession of parishioners holding lighted candles circled the whole church compound along with the Statue of our Lady, with each decade of the Rosary being recited with full devotion to our Lady. After the five decades of the rosary, the devoted parishioners were led into the church where they knelt down to say the Litany of our Lady which was led by Ms .Anandini Braganza. After the Litany, Fr. Lawrence D'Souza sdb, spoke to all present about the devotion to our Lady and the blessings and graces that She offers to the parish. The Rosary ended with the parishioners singing together the hymns dedicated to our Lady, praising her through the hymns.

The Rosary to our Lady was held on a very special day being the feast of Our Lady of Fatima. All in all, it was a faith building experience for the parishioners and the youth of the parish who showed up for the Rosary in large numbers. 

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