Wednesday, October 23, 2013

BIS # 3718 MISSION FETE 2013

by Bento D'Souza

BHINGAR-AHMEDNAGAR, OCTOBER 23, 2013: St John the Baptist Parish witnessed an increase of cultural wealth in its Mission Fete cum Divali Melava held on 20th October around the church premises. The people from different zones spared no pains to make the Fair come alive for the children and people of Bhingar and Ahmednagar. Though few people attended due to the children's examinations beginning, the parishioner enjoyed the event thoroughly through their involvement, participation and tireless efforts. A variety of Games and sports stalls, food & drink kiosks and the jumping jack kept every youngster running from the coupons stall to the prize shop to redeem their prizes and gifts. The Rabbit race and Housie kept all awake. A garage sale also took place.

A business enterprise evaluates success through its economic profit, while charity and development evaluate its success through increase of goodwill and mobilization of its people in the intangible qualities that make the life of humans better. The people felt fulfilled living the day. It is not the event that matters as much as the process of vibrancy that the event set in motion in the parish. Previous to this a group of thirty volunteers worked to prepare the venue.

The event increase the cultural wealth of the people, leaving them more empowered in work for a better quality of life for themselves as well as others. The Mission fete is an annual happening of ordinary people who wish to make a different and work together as a team to see it happen. This is the second year the Divali Melava is taking place. Those who attended expressed their satisfaction in being present and were very grateful for this fellowship building event.

It turned out to be a typical family event for all where family according to Marriage Encounter Movement means F= fun, A = Accountability, M = Mission,      I = Intimacy, L = Love and Y = You all.

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