Friday, November 1, 2013

BIS # 3731 MISSION FETE 2013

BORIVLI-MUMBAI, NOVEMBER 1, 2013: Mission Sunday 2013 was celebrated at St. John Bosco Church, Borivli (West), on 20th October 2013, with much gusto via the Annual 

Mission Fete. The entire parish community joined hands to pool in their vital resources in the form of personal donations, materials to be auctioned and creative ideas to raise funds this year for the Salesian Mission Centre in Walvande headed by Fr. Anaclete D'Mello.

All the communities got together to lovingly prepare and sell an array of mouth – watering home-made dishes ranging from fluffy South Indian idlis and spicy Chicken Bujing to exotic Mexican tacos.

The Sunday school children set up an Arts & Crafts stall showcasing their unique and creative work in the form of colourful bookmarks, gift tags and birthday cards. Behind them sat a group of talented school children who displayed remarkable on – the - spot portraits and even caricatures of people passing by.

The Fete also upheld love for the environment by hosting a stall selling different kinds of plants including small water lotuses.

The Fete ran until late afternoon with peppy music, impromptu jigs and parishioners dedicating special songs to their loved ones, a wonderful dance performance from the Warli tribe, a raffle draw, auction and housie.

Finally, the Mission Fete came to an end with a great smile on the faces of all present, with a hope to wait for the next Mission location that they would raise funds for.

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