Friday, November 15, 2013


by Cl. Ranson D'Souza SDB

LONAVLA-MAHARASHTRA, NOVEMBER 15, 2013: The Don Bosco Scouts and Guides Gromo 2013 entered its second day early before sunrise with Baden Powell's Six Exercises. The Holy Eucharist was celebrated by Fr. Solomon Rapol, Rector of Don Bosco Lonavla. At the same time, those of the other faiths had their Scout's Own in front of the main stage.

After the moments of prayer and closeness to God, the Scouts and Guides prepared for the inspection of their troops in their respective places. The Scouts and Guides took their places in front of their tents while Fr. Lorenzo, Camp Co-ordinator and Fr. Anthony, Camp Chief went around inspecting the troops. Indeed both of them were impressed with the preparation of the scouts and guides. Immediately after the inspection the rally reported for the flag break. Fr. Rapol spoke of the little Johnny Bosco as a model to his companions in the way of his living among them. He invited the rally to have fun, participate enthusiastically and do good to all.

The first session of the day was on Knots, Lashings and Whistles. The scouts and guides were eager to learn and try out new things. For some it was the first time handling staves and tying knots and for many a revision and a teaching experience.

The Second session of the day was on Morse code and Flag signals. It was a challenge not only to remember the code and Flag signals but to send, interpret and receive the right message. The scouts and guides made a good effort in grasping the Morse code and the Flag signals.

The morning sessions were followed by the Adventure games wherein the scouts and guides had to complete 15 activities of crossing the Monkey Walk, Tarzan jump, Commando Crawling, Pole Climbing, etc. All the Scouts and Guides enthusiastically participated in these activities enduring all the little cuts and bruises with joy. It was a fun filled and thrilling experience for all.

Soon after lunch, the rally went on a hike to Tungarli Dam in their respective troops. All through the way they looked out for the tracking signs and completed the tasks required. Though many were tired it was a wonderful and enjoyable experience for all.

In the evening, there was the Cultural Programme Competition wherein all the troops displayed a blend of traditional dances and folk songs. It was a great sight to see the scouts and guides in their varied costumes dancing with gusto and a pleasing experience to listen to them sing. This was indeed a perfect ending for the day.

After the programme as the scouts and guides prepared to go to sleep, the Camp Co-ordinator and Camp Chief called for the Court of Honour wherein as usual the day's activities were evaluated, valuable suggestions were given and the implementations of the previous day were discussed. The password 'Baden Powell' was communicated by the Camp Co-ordinator.

The second day of Gromo 2013 went on smoothly, indeed a stepping stone for Gromo 2014.

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