Monday, November 18, 2013


by Cl. Nazarius (INS)

NASHIK-MAHARASHTRA, NOVEMBER 18, 2013: The community of Divyadaan, Salesian Institute of Philosophy, Nashik, with its varied colours of individuals from the different parts of the country celebrated their Community Day on 14th November, 2013. The Theme for this year's community day celebration was "Together in His Footsteps". The celebration began with a Triduum on 11th November, the day of the commemoration of the Missions.

On the first day of the Triduum, the community focused on the aspect of 'Youth Pastoral' ministry being the day of the Missions. The meditation and the morning prayer was animated by the missionary group focusing on the need to serve the young in the light of the Jesus' miracle of multiplying the loaves, when he was filled with compassion for his flock. During the Holy Eucharist, the celebrant, Fr. Matthew in his sermon pointed out the urgency to be aware of the needs of the young and prepare oneself for the mission.

The second day, led the community to shift its attention to the necessity and importance of 'Human Formation' in their Religious vocation. Fr. Bernard Fernandes celebrated the Holy Eucharist, wherein Fr. Felix Fernandes the preacher helped the gathering reflect on the theme of Joyfulness and Forbearance, with special reference to Pope Francis' sermon to the Seminarians. They were invited to be joyful always, avoiding the greatest danger of grumbling but being more respectful to each other in their journey towards their vocation.

The third day of the Triduum, lent itself to a reflection on the 'Spiritual' aspect of formation. The day's liturgical animation revolved around the theme of spirituality. In keeping with the day's commemoration of Bl. Artimede Zatti, Fr. Tony, in his sermon very well emphasized on the importance of the Salesian brotherhood vocation. He appealed to all present that due respect and equal treatment be given also to the Brothers who are the right hand of the congregation. The day reached its climax with the recollection animated by Fr. Ian Doulton which turned the hearts and minds of all to Don Bosco's wish for all Salesian communities.

The Divyadaan community reached the peak of its festive celebration on 14th November, with the various activities programmed for the day. The community began the day with the thanksgiving service wherein the members appreciated and thanked each other for their uniqueness. The games animated for the day was a representation of the various provinces from which the brothers come from. In the afternoon a special game of housie was conducted, and once again here the community was brought to a further appreciation of one another. The day culminated in the celebration of the Holy Eucharist. This was a moment of thanksgiving to the Lord who has brought the community together. Fr. Savio D'Souza, the Rector, in his sermon reflected on the importance of each member who made up the community. He thanked each and every member of the community for the special role they play to make Divyadaan a happy place to live in. Immediately after the Holy Mass, the community had a moment of merriment and togetherness in the cheerful get-together. With this moment of oneness the day came to a wonderful conclusion.

'The Love of Christ draws us to follow in his footsteps; it is up to us to respond to his invitation. This is a journey of Faith, and therefore all we've got to do is placed ourselves in his hands and with trust in him to march onward.' 

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