Sunday, November 24, 2013


by Stanley D'souza

KUWAIT, NOVEMBER 23, 2013: On Saturday, 16 November 2013, the Salesian Cooperators of the North Arabian Vicariate organised a full-day workshop on "Effective Study Habits" for teenagers. It was attended by students of Grade 8 to 10, from various schools across Kuwait.

To set the mood, the workshop kicked off with some fun-filled action songs led by Edward and Ursula Lobo. The parish priest then welcomed the participants. He reminded them that talents are given by God and he emphasized the importance of using their talents well. Lloyd D'souza, a motivational and dynamic orator of the parish addressed them next. He focused on the importance of making the right choices, while elucidating that choices have consequences. As teenagers, on the threshold of adulthood, the choice to study and their attitude to education and learning will lay the foundation for their success as mature adults. 

Thereafter, Christopher Pereira took them through engaging sessions elaborating the fact that they have the choice to do whatever they want. They played a game where they realized that "Where there is a will, there is a way". They were then guided to envision what they would want the three most important people in their lives to say about them 5 years from now. Keeping that in mind they were asked to create a roadmap of getting to that destination.

As they became increasingly aware that academic success is critical for career excellence, Christopher then offered some Tips & Tricks for inculcating effective study habits:

1.         Plan and manage one's study time: They practiced scheduling a day in diaries given to them

2.         Establish a routine or schedule

3.         Pray before study

4.         Be aware of one's personal learning style/preferences – VARK (Visual, Auditory, Read-Write, Kinesthetic)

5.         Be aware of one's level of energy so as to maximize one's output

6.         Set goals and rewards

7.         Take appropriate notes in class

8.         Develop one's own memory tricks to remember content/information

9.         Study for life, not just for grades

10.       Take care of one's health

In the same vein, there are some study habits that he advised they should avoid:

1.         Don't Blow it Out by studying at the last minute

2.         Don't take notes on everything

3.         Don't highlight everything

Armed with the Do's and Don'ts, the participants were then asked to make a personal plan: What must I "Start, Stop and Continue" doing as a result of my learning today?

On that self-assessment note, the workshop concluded. Throughout the day, the students appeared very engaged in the sessions. "I couldn't understand why I was not able to remember what I was studying until I came to this workshop" said Merlyn Fernandes, a Grade 8 Participant. "I didn't realize that energy level is so important – I will now change my study time so that I can learn more with less effort" said Ross D'cruz a grade 10 Student.

As additional support, a follow-up session is being organized in January to evaluate their experience and outcomes of putting these new skills into practice. A special thanks goes out to the Salesian Cooperators for organizing and coordinating such a meaningful and helpful workshop. 

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