Sunday, November 24, 2013


by BIS correspondent 

BORIVALI-MUMBAI, NOVEMBER 23, 2013: All the animal lovers in Don Bosco High School, Borivali could not have been more thrilled on the 21st of November 2013. The excitement of witnessing a few snakes and exotic birds and a huge St. Bernard was evident. The audience was bursting with enthusiasm at the opportunity to interact with these animals.

 The show started with a snake awareness programme, where the audience learned about the capabilities of various species of snakes. With the number of snakebite cases on the increase, snakes are becoming creatures of dread, but the fears of many were quelled as the audience was instructed what to do in case of a face to face encounter with a snake or a snake bite. Live snakes, wild and untamed, fangs and venom intact were exhibited. The daredevil in some was exposed as they volunteered to handle the snakes. Mr. Rohit Mohite, an expert in the field, organised the awareness programme and answered the queries the audience had about snakes in lucid language.

   It was then the turn of the birds to enrapture the audience with their brilliant colours. Exotic parrots from over the world were displayed. Whether it was a tiny peach faced African lovebird, a stunning red lory, a graceful cockatoo or a majestic macaw, the audience just could not have enough of these feathered beauties. The Australian hamster and a rabbit were favourites, but the well built St. Bernard was the real show stopper. The audience thank Mr. Govind for giving them the opportunity to interact with such spectacular birds and animals.

 Rev. Fr. William Falcao, the beloved Rector, dedicated this splendid show to all the students as his birthday gift to them.

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