Monday, December 2, 2013


by BIS correspondent 

LONAVLA-MAHARASHTRA, DECEMBER 2, 2013: The community of Don Bosco Lonavla felicitated Rev. Fr. Salvador D'souza on the occasion of the Diamond Jubilee of his religious profession and the Golden Jubilee of his Priestly ordination in the presence of his family, friends and the Salesian Family in attendance.

The felicitation began with a solemn mass in the evening which was celebrated by Fr. Salvador. In his homily, an elated and obviously moved Fr. Salvador thanked God for the companionship and faithfulness that He showed for all these years. He also mentioned that God's call to join Don Bosco was one of invaluable significance to him because he feels that joining the Salesians was like entering fertile lands which bore abundant fruits in his life.

 Mass was followed by a small family circle cum reception for all the guests. The reception began with cutting of the Jubilee cake and the raising of the toast by Rev. Fr. Solomon Rapol, the Rector of Don Bosco Lonavla. Fr. Solomon in his toast appreciated Fr. Salvador's role as Confessor in the community, a role that he carried out with utmost commitment and fidelity.  Fr. Rapol also congratulated him for his excellent health which he maintains effortlessly even at the age of 86.

Fr. Salvador in reply shared the story his vocation. He remembered the missionary priests of those years and thanked them for their contribution in promoting his vocation. After the toast the items of the family circle were presented. The clerics in practical training at Don Bosco Lonavla played hosts and MCs for the entire evening. Through skit, song and also a dance the apostolic boys and aspirants engaged the audience. At the end of the program the guests were also given a souvenir of the Jubilee which the boys made themselves. 

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