Friday, December 6, 2013


by BIS correspondent 

LOVAVLA-MAHARASHTRA, DECEMBER 6, 2013: The school and college of Don Bosco Lonavla organized an inter house dance competition for its students at the Aspirantate Block hall. The competition was held for three categories – Juniors, Inters and Seniors. Students from each category belonging to the respective house had to put up a group dance.

The students of the school and college are divided into four houses: Mars, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn and representatives from each house put up dances for the competition. The occasion was judged by 3 esteemed judges. Mr. Sagar Kulkarni, a chemical engineer by qualification but a dancer by profession. The second judge was Mr. Prashant Tiwary, also a professional dancer, who is working in collaboration with several schools as dance teacher and has choreographed and judged many shows in Mumbai and Pune. The third judge was Mrs. Roopali Bambardekar who is a trained Kathak and Bharatnatyam Dancer and currently a dance teacher at Kaivalyadham Vidyaniketan Lonavla. She has been a trained dancer for the last 15 years and also conducts her own dance classes.

The dance competition began with the introduction and felicitation of the judges. The first ones to perform were the juniors of each house. They performed on interesting fused music. Then came the inters with a combination of hip-hop, b-boying, and contemporary free style dancing. Finally the seniors put up a combination of folk, and Bollywood dances.Each dance was not just a show of skill but also costume and acting. The judges were very impressed and felt compelled to appreciate the talent and time involved in preparing the dances. Mr. Kulkarni spoke about how beat needs to be maintained in a song that is fused. This helps in continuity in the dance. Ultimately there were few winners but the dance competition produced many stars for the future. 

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